Thursday, 1 September 2011

SPRING is in the air - Kings Park Wildflower Festival 2011

It´s the 1st of September and the start of Spring in Australia.
The weather is warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom...
In Perth, Australia´s largest wildflower show,  the Wildflower Festival begins at Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, and runs until the 28th of September.
The Festival is a great opportunity to see wildflowers in bloom, to buy native plants, to join free guided walks, to listen to free music concerts, to meet artists, to hear talks from horticulturists, to learn about the art of tree pruning, propagating plants or how to care for your grass, to learn about the birds in the park...
There is something for everyone, so get yourself to Kings Park and enjoy a family day out.

For those not in Australia, Kings Park in a 4 square kilometre (over 1000 acre) park located on the edge of Perth´s central business district. It´s a mixture of grassed parkland, botanical gardens and natural bush.
Because it´s situated on a hill you have a panoramic view of the Swan River and the Darling range mountains, as well as of Perth´s city centre. It has over 300 native plants and over 80 species of birds and well as plants from various other countries.
It´s the largest inner city park in the world, larger than New York´s Central Park which is 3,41Km2.
It numbers over five million visitors a year, being one of the most popular destinations in Western Australia.

So come visit!! You will be pleasantly surprised.
Here are some photos to whet your appetite!!


Green Kangaroo Paws

Feeding the ducks 
Duck family
River Swan behind me

The city  centre as seen from Kings Park


  1. I would love to visit The Festival to see wildflowers in bloom ;) and speak to experts about the different names of the wild flowers. We have s many beautiful wild flowers here it's a shame the Portuguese tourist board do not put together a similar feira.

    It seems strange to read about spring when we are going into Autumn!

  2. Hi Piglet, there are lovely wild flowers in Portugal too, just not made to feel special!! I have always thought that for example when it comes to food and good produce, cheeses and charcuterie , Portugal has great stuff, but here that type of thing is highly advertised on country guides, food routes, etc, etc. Country people together with the Dept of Tourism could put things like that on the map and everyone would benefit. Very true we are on the opposite sides of the world hence Spring and Autumn.


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