Friday, 30 September 2011

My mom´s 2nd book was published today

I can proudly announce my Mom´s second novel was unveiled today - "Mae Preta" - "Black Mother"

The previous one was called - "O meu pecado"  -  "My sin" .
Both novels have been self-published as unfortunately it´s very hard to get a book published at her age, and being an unknown as well. But she persisted and fought for what she wanted to do.
I am proud of her, because not many years ago she didn't even know how to work with computers, now she  uses it on a daily basis, to  write her books, internet, etc
She is already working away at a book of poems and another novel.
Also just over a year ago she started a blog, long before I started mine which was just 3 months ago.
I have given her a little help lately with her blog because I have more knowledge about html coding, etc, etc, but the bone structure was originally there already, so all this is a great achievement for someone in her 70´s.

Both novels are in Portuguese, although she would love to have them translated into English one day.
They are both set in Africa, where we spent most of our lives.
Well done to you Mom!!

The bigger book is the one published today, the grey one was published 2 years ago.


  1. Well done to your Mum!

    Shame the book is not in English as well, she would reach a wider audience

  2. Thanks Piglet, I have to think of translating it LOL! She contacted an accredited translator who would charge 1euro a word!!! With 400 pages and many thousands of words it would be a costly business.

  3. You must be so proud! Congrats to your mum x

  4. Thanks Amanda, at her age it is quite remarkable I think!

  5. How neat for your mom! Hey, I wanted to ask if you know you're a "no reply" blogger. When you comment on my blog, I like to reply via email, but when I hit the reply button, your email isn't activated, so I am unable to. Maybe you have it set this way on purpose, but maybe you don't even realize it, so I thought I'd mention it just in case.

  6. Hi Hollie, thanks for visiting. I wasn´t even aware about the email not being activated, I will look into that. Thanks xx

  7. celeste.cortez2010@gmail.comWednesday, October 05, 2011

    Thanks to my dear daughter Sami,she introduce me to your blogs friend's. I want to thank everybody that congratulated me. Just to correct some small things: My first novel MY SIN have 400 hundreds pages. My second novel BLACK MOTHER, has 448 pages. I promise everybody that one day those will be translated to english. Why not! I deserve it. You deserve it too.


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