Sunday, 4 September 2011

Father´s Day and Birthday weekend

Today is Father´s day in Australia, so a very happy Father´s day to all dads out there, as well as to my dear husband and to my Dad in Portugal, where I know it was celebrated in March.
Strange that all over the world Father´s day seems to be celebrated either in March, June or September, why not an universal date?

But today is also my son´s 25th Birthday, so it´s a double celebration in my house.
And tomorrow.... will be my husband´s birthday. Although because he works interstate and will fly out this afternoon we won´t be close to him to celebrate, but he will be in our minds.

Because I have had an extremely busy and stressful week at work, and the house is in a mess due to renovations I haven´t invited friends over for the occasion but hopefully next weekend I would love to have friends over, as a birthday celebration without friends or loved ones around doesn´t feel like a celebration!!

Today both husband and son will have to settle for a bowl of their favourite Chocolate Mousse!!

Michael with 6 years 


  1. LOL Yeah I sure Michael is less embarrassed with a foto of when he was 6!!!!

  2. Oh well, because he doesn´t read the blog he doesn´t even know about the photo!


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