Monday, 20 February 2017

Monday Mural - Wrapped in flowers

Another mural I photographed when I visited Portugal in May 2016.
Painted by Argentinian artist Francisco Bosoletti for Muraliza 2015, with a woman entwined in flowers and plants.
The mural can be found at Avenida do Ultramar, Cascais, (Overseas Avenue) on the side wall of the old Hospital.
The hospital was deactivated in 2010 and is now being turned into a private Medical university.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Hurray for Bus-Stop libraries

Last year I heard about this initiative that promotes reading by making books more accessible. 
Under the City of South Perth, they have 4 mini libraries set in bus-stops across the suburbs of Como and South Perth and I haven't been able to find out if other councils in Perth have joined this initiative. 
The initiative started on the 6th of January and will run until the 30th of June this year.

The books are donated by library patrons and by book stop users who are invited to "take a book and leave a book", and the bus-stop libraries get replenished weekly by library staff.

Readers can also register books they take at so that the books can be tracked from reader to reader thus connecting readers of the same book.

This type of informal libraries initiative is apparently happening in 132 countries around the world. How cool is that?

The bus-stop library shown in these photos is just a block away from my work place in Talbot Avenue, in the suburb of Como
I think I'll have to go through my huge bookshelf at home and get a few books I no longer want and leave them at this bus-stop.

What do you think of this initiative? Have you seen this type of thing in your country?

Monday, 13 February 2017

Monday Murals - Rainbow tresses

Mural painted by Perth artist Paul Deej in building 106 at Curtin University on the wall of the university's hairdresser  "Fringe Benefits Hair Salon".
His trademark "black swan"  Western Australia's official animal emblem, is visible on the earring.
The narrow lane between the buildings had other murals but the shadows made it difficult to photograph them.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Chinese New Year celebrations in our neighbourhood

Sunday afternoon (5th Feb), my husband and I were sitting on the backyard patio reading the weekend newspaper when suddenly the sound of drums erupted!

After a couple of minutes I realized the sound was actually "Chinese drums" and we thought it could be coming from somewhere down the road.  After a few minutes I grabbed my camera and went out the front door to investigate what was happening. 
I saw dozens of cars in our usually very quiet street, parked on the verge of the park across the road from our house. When I looked down the street lots of people stood in the front yard of one of the houses and I walked towards it to see 2 Chinese lion dancers dancing to the sound of drums and a lot of the people watching were bearing gifts for the host.

When the Lion dance ended the guests were invited to go indoors and celebrate with some food.
It was interesting and even though I've been living here for almost 10 years it was the first time I saw this celebration in our street.

                                                              Lion dance video

On Thursday (9th Feb), our council, the City of Canning in conjunction with the Westfield Carousel shopping centre (not too far from my house) hosted an event to celebrate the Year of the Rooster
It was meant to be an outdoor event, but due to the unusual rainy day and the fact that it was actually quite a cold day too (in the supposedly hottest month of Summer), the event was moved indoors.

The event started at 4pm and ended at 9pm, but as I was working in the afternoon, I only managed to reach the shopping at about 6,30, but still saw the last 3 events that culminated with a magnificent show of Japanese drumming by "Taiko on Perth".

You can watch the videos I made, the Japanese drumming specially is worthwhile! 

Decorations in the shopping centre - top: the Rooster

Traditional Chinese Dancing
Japanese Drumming - Taiko on Perth

Animal figurines of the Chinese New Year

Video of the Japanese Drumming