Sunday 18 December 2016

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas & New Year

My daughter arrived from Amsterdam last week to spend 1 month with us, and tomorrow her partner arrives from Amsterdam, and my brother in law arrives from Lisbon to join us too.

We'll be quite busy showing them around Perth and surrounding areas, and with Christmas approaching at break-neck speed and still so much to do....I don't expect that I'll have much time to blog.

So, my dear family, friends, and all my wonderful followers I wish you have a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings us all Peace, Health and Happiness!

I'll leave you with some Christmas photos taken this week.

Some of the city decorations

Decorated houses in my neighbourhood

This ginger bread house and Christmas tree was at the Perth Convention Centre.
Make by a team of 7 pastry chefs, it used 800 eggs, 40kg of Marzipan, 50kg of honey, 100 kg of flour  among other ingredients, and it took  them 1500 hours of labour!!
Not to be eaten...but enjoyed!!

 Happy Christmas everybody! See you next year.

2016 FACTS (from "The West Australian" newspaper)
- coolest year for more than a decade at most Perth sites.
- coldest winter for more than 20 years at most Perth sites.
- rainfall near average but wettest year for three years for most Perth sites.
- Perth's hottest day was 45,1C at Pearce RAAF Base on February 10.
- Perth's coldest day was 10.7C at Bickley on August 8.
- The warmest night was 28,4C at Gosnells on January 8.
- The coldest night was -1.6C at Jandakot Airport on July 13.
- Wettest day 71mm of rain in Armadale on July 11.
- Strongest wind gust was 109km/h at Rottnest island on May 21.
- Unusually hot year over most of WA's northern half.
- Australia's fourth warmest year on record.

Monday 12 December 2016

Monday Mural - Petrol station

One of the murals painted for Public Form 2016, in April this year. This one was painted in building 208 at Curtin University by Perth artist Jessee Lee Johns.

As with some of the other murals painted during this time I was able to catch the artist at work, and this one right from the start.

For other murals from around the world please follow this link:

The complete mural

From start to end...

Monday 5 December 2016

Monday Mural - Lisbon Story

This mural in Lisbon entitled "Lisbon Story" describes in humorous comic strip fashion the history of Lisbon from it's foundation till recent times.

Painted by comic strip illustrator Nuno Saraiva, the mural can be found on the Arch of Rua Norberto de Araujo, near the Portas do Sol (Sun gates) lookout.

Friday 2 December 2016

Mooing around Perth - II

So much has happened these last couple of weeks, that it's exactly a month to the day that I last posted about the Perth's Cow Parade.
You can read my other post and see photos of the other cows here.

After much mooing running around I've managed to find over 30 of the 40 on show!
But don't worry I won't bore you with photos of all of them...just the nicest.
And in no particular order here are my choices:

Mooey XIV - by  Ae'lkemi - inside the new Perth city Library
A Cow with no Name - by Peter Ellis and Paul Caporn, in front of QV1 building

Holy Cow - by Poppy Lissiman, in King st, near His Majesty's Theatre
Noongar Boodja - by Rod Garlett in Kings Square (near Perth Arena)
Aurora - by Renae Coles at Perth Arena
Bubblegum Bessie - by Minaxi May at  Perth 140, corner William and Murray St.
Garden Cow - by Megan Salmon, in front of Cloisters square
Daphne - by Sally Stewart, inside the State Buildings

When Cow Parede ends on the 11th December, Daphne will be donated to the Muscle Dystrophy WA Association.

Hope you enjoyed my selection.

Have a great weekend. We'll be having a full weekend with my husband's work Christmas function tonight, a party on Saturday, and my work Christmas function on Sunday...and a dinner with friends on Monday!