Monday, 15 October 2018

Monday Mural - Red Parrots

Tired of Melski McVee's murals yet?  Hope not, as here is the third one in a row.
This one was painted at the recently inaugurated rooftop entertainment area of Carousel Shopping Centre in the suburb of Cannington.

I first saw it at night when we went out to dinner at "Two Fat Indians" restaurant on my husband's birthday on the 5th September, but the night photos were a bit dark.
A week later my daughter and I returned to the shopping centre, when I took these photos.

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Friday, 12 October 2018

What is yours is also mine...

Even though it's a bit on the small side Shelley enjoyed curling up inside this plastic container, so I put a pillow there to make it more comfortable.
During the day she will usually sleep there.

But as the saying goes "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence", so when Shelley isn't in the container Twiggy will jump in and take over.

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Shelley sleeping in the plastic container

Twiggy takes over the container

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Signs - Sh** Hot Soup

I cannot remember where I photographed this sign, but probably wasn't in Perth as although I'm not a coffee drinker, the coffee seems too cheap for Perth. 
And after Andrew's comment I know it was taken in Melbourne in May 2010.
I just thought the "Sh** Hot soup" was funny.
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Monday, 8 October 2018

Monday Mural - Preservation of Nature

A couple of murals entitled "Preservation of Nature", featuring the work of Perth artists Melski McVee and Brenton Seepainted in 2017 in the suburb of Hamilton Hill (2 Simms Road) on the walls of the local tiny shopping centre and parking area.

Once in a while I travel to the Hamilton Hill IGA (food store) owned by a Portuguese man, where I buy  Portuguese ingredients like dry cod fish.

Both murals portray endangered species, specifically the Red Tailed Black Cockatoo painted by Brenton See, who is a lover of birds and has a project to paint birds that are at risk of disappearing in Western Australia.

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Melski Mural:

Brenton Mural:

Friday, 5 October 2018

Let sleeping cats lie

It's what cats do best...sleeping long hours, totally relaxed.
My cats have their own cat beds, but of course why would they sleep on their beds when sleeping on Mom and Dad's bed or sofa is so much better! And better still when they can snuggle under the the warmth of a warm blanket.
Some cats are spoiled...

It's not often than Fluffy and Shelley cuddle up together, most often than not Fluffy the bossy ginger cat is chasing her out of the sofa or the bed so that he gets to be near me or the only one getting to be patted, but this time he must have been feeling generous 😄😄
He doesn't do that to Twiggy who stands up to him though.

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"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort" - James Elliot (vet)

Fluffy and Shelley cuddle up

Fluffy and Twiggy on top of me while I'm stretched on the sofa watching tv
Fluffy and Twiggy on a blanket on the sofa again
Shelley and Twiggy (with pink collar) often sleep next to each other

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Signs - Wanted

I was sorting through old photo folders when I came across this photo I took a few years ago when we visited the coastal town of Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.
Walking around town we saw this sign outside a small restaurant advertising for staff, and we had a good laugh. Just typical Australian humour!
Hope they didn't have too much trouble finding someone suitable 😃😃

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Monday, 1 October 2018

Monday Mural - Cockatoos and Turtles

I saw these murals as soon as I parked the car at the Kalamunda shopping centre, when I recently visited the area with my daughter. You can read about the visit here.

Painted by Perth artist Melski McVee in 2017, on two sides of the building - on one wall she painted the Australian natives "red tailed black cockatoosand on the other wall she painted the "long necked turtles". Both are endangered species.

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Panoramic view of the Red tailed black cockatoo

Friday, 28 September 2018

Strawberry fields forever

Some friends invited me to go strawberry picking with them last Sunday, 23rd. They have young kids and had done it before, but for me it was the first time, and I had no idea  people could go and pick their own fruit but you can.

They picked me up at home and we drove to Wangara in the northern suburbs of Perth, to Kien strawberry farm. I noticed a few other strawberries farms along the same road, and there were loads of cars parked along the road and people walking towards the various farms.
We parked, and at the farm entrance bought the number of boxes we each required - $7 per box, and walked towards the far end of the farm as we could see the front rows were a bit empty already.
The farm was gigantic, with rows and rows of strawberry plants popping through black plastic, and once we chose where to go we started at the beginning of that row and walked our way through until we had filled our boxes.

The day was quite warm and I don't know how long it took us to pick our strawberries - 
I had 2 boxes to fill -  but we chatted as we moved along the rows, and also ate a few strawberries...not too many though as they were warm, and we didn't want to risk an upset stomach later on...
I picked some almost ripe and some not so ripe.
At the beginning...
Two boxes full at the end

The strawberry picking group - that's me in the pink t-shirt with the floppy hat

When we finished we drove to the Wanneroo Markets not too far away where we had lunch.
One of the food outlets at the market - Celyta's - belongs to a Portuguese lady.
Sometime last year I had attended a lunch there organized by a friend of ours (they have a function room there that can be used for big groups) and Celita had cooked some traditional dishes for the group.
This time she had pork and lamb cutlets, and chicken, but I don't eat the first two, and didn't feel like chicken either. My friend's daughters were going for bitoque, a very popular dish with kids - which is a thin steak topped with an egg and accompanied by fries and salad. 
 I ordered that for myself too, and I'm glad I did as the steak was delicious.
Lunch was accompanied by a couple singing songs from a couple of decades ago and even the kids were moving their bodies to it.

At home I weighed the boxes and both were over 4kgs (8,8 pounds), rinsed the strawberries in a bowl with 4 parts water and 1 part vinegar, to kill the spores so that they last longer, then sorted them.
With a bunch of very ripe ones I made 2 jars of jam using honey instead of sugar. I froze some ripe strawberries to use in smoothies later on, the medium ones I put in different containers for me to eat and to give away to my son and friends, and took some to work, and the greener ones are still in the fridge.

The end product 

It was a great day out, the fruit was much cheaper than in the supermarket, the kitchen smelt of strawberries, they are so sweet and juicy.
I've already told my friend that if she hears of any other fruit picking she must let me know - next one I think will be cherries,  oh yeah!!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Signs - The man chair

When my parents visited us in Perth in December 2016 I drove them down to the southwest area of Denmark and Albany to show them that wonderful countryside part of Western Australia.
On a walk around Denmark we came across this chair outside the Karrisma Gallery and Gifts shop and we all  had a good laugh. 
Men can sit and read a magazine or newspaper while their wives shop in peace. 
They probably need more chairs, but it's a very clever idea don't you think?

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Monday, 24 September 2018

Monday Mural - Miss Piggy

Not a fan of graffiti, but I thought these pink words accompanied by a pink doll resembling Miss Piggy from the Muppets was actually cute. This was on a train carriage on the Lisbon to Cascais line in Portugal.
On the second photo the words translate to "It was good, wasn't it?" and the pink wording "Reis" means Kings, not sure if that is the name of the artist.

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It was good, wasn't it?

Friday, 21 September 2018

The first half of September - Part II and some happy news

Part I -

On a sunny day daughter Karina and I wondered what to do and decided to take the train into the city to go to Kings Park again. This time we managed to see a lot of flowers and some cheeky birds.


Amazing trees, a glass bridge and city views

When we entered the glass bridge in Kings Park we saw two ravens posing for a photographer. When we approached they didn't fly away and stood there posing and "chatting to each other, or to us". When we reached the end of the bridge and looked back they were still there posing for another set of photographers. It was very funny 😊 
On the boab tree there were two Rainbow Lorikeets standing inside a hole in the tree, but they flew away before I could take more photos.

Rainbow Lorikeets, Ravens and Honeyeater sucking pollen from a flower

The city on one side of the river and the suburb of South Perth on the other side 
The city centre can be seen through the mass of purple flowers

On another day we drove to town of Kalamunda, located in the Darling Scarp on the eastern limits of the Perth metropolitan area. People usually refer to that area as the Perth Hills. 
Kalamunda is a Noongar (aboriginal language) word meaning "a home in the forest". (kala=home, munda=forest).

I parked in a small shopping centre with murals on two of its walls 😉. After some photos for my Monday Murals we went inside searching for a coffee shop.
The Coffee Club was the only one available and we ordered coffee and hot chocolate (for me) and a slice of carrot cake.
Just across the road from the shopping is the local Kalamunda library where they have a fabulous 25 mt wide stained glass window, the largest in the Southern hemisphere, so after our coffee break we crossed the road to the library for some photos.

Panoramic photo of the mural at the Kalamunda library

The library glass windows from outside and the inside view
I wanted to drive to the Mundaring Weir (dam) and check the water level but the clouds were getting darker, so I took the scenic Zig Zag drive down the hill, from where I would eventually reach the freeway and home.
The Zig Zag drive is a 2,9km narrow one way road through the Gooseberry Hill National Park, between rocks and trees, steep falls and lots of hairpin turns, but starting at 450mt above sea level there are impressive views of the city, the airport, the forest area...

There are a few spots to park and take photos on the way down, but sadly because it was overcast the visibility to the city wasn't at its best, but we could see the airport area (to the right) and the airplanes landing and taking off.

Part of the road, dark clouds, the city in the distance

Perth city in the distance

Panoramic photo taken from the hills

 And remember the shoe cupboard that I set up in my bedroom? 
All the shoes went in, but because I squeezed 4 or 5 pairs per shelf, they don't have the neat and tidy showhouse look and looked a bit untidy to be left without doors...
ordered some doors from Ikea to be delivered, and Karina helped me install them... I'm glad as I wouldn't be able to do this one on my own!  Bedroom is all sorted now!

The shoe cupboard and hodge podge inside
When Jose was here the three of us also did some gardening in the narrow and long strip of garden in the small townhouse we have near Curtin University, that we rent out to a couple of students. 
I had last pulled out weeds there before winter and the rains started. When I went past a few weeks ago I noticed how the strip of garden was covered in high weeds and the succulents I had planted there were now invisible!
But this was too big a job just for myself, so with Karina and Jose here it went much faster, even though we spent about 10 hours in total over 2 days pulling out weeks which filled two bins!
After weeding I took a lot of succulents and natives from our garden and planted them there.
Jose then went to get a trailer of mulch to spread over the area, which will hopefully deter the weeds and protect the plants from the Summer sun. 
He also took a couple of cement pavers we had laying around in a corner of the garden, that were formerly where our patio is now, and put them near the water meter to make it easier for the water company to read the meter instead of having to trudge through the mini forest in that corner.
The neighbour from the townhouse behind ours saw us working in the garden, came to chat to us and said he now felt he had to do his little patch to match ours. His bit starts from the short bush, and you can see on the photos the green area of weeds (top right and middle bottom photo).

On the left - the corner full of weeds, and same area with the pavers. The strip of garden planted with succulents and with mulch. The hard workers, Jose and Karina after the job was finished

And so two weeks flew by, and Karina flew out to Manila via Hong Kong on the early hours of Monday. The flight was meant to depart Perth at 11pm Sunday 16th, but due to the typhoon in HK the flight was delayed to 2am Monday. Then instead of just 1 hour layover in Hong Kong, she had a 6 hour layover due to the airport having been closed for 24 hours and the huge amount of passengers and planes that had been retained there.
Because she's a frequent flyer she had access to the Airport lounge where she could eat, have wifi, and she even managed a shower and massage which left her refreshed for the next short leg of the trip to Manila.

And hopefully we'll see each other in December, this time on her side of the world.

And it's official!! We've known for a few weeks, but last week my daughter in law had her 12 week scan and the pregnancy was officially announced. Grandchild #2 will arrive beginning of April. I'm hoping for a girl this time 💟💟.

Official announcement with the photo of "big brother" that we got when we were first told a few weeks ago.
(parents don't want his face divulged so I did my best to cover his eyes)