Wednesday 5 December 2018

November - A very busy month - part III (last)

Continuation from "A very busy month -  part I and "A very busy month - part II

Saturday 17th - I accepted an invitation to go to the movies to watch the film Bohemian Rhapsody.
Just as Catarina had mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the movie was brilliant and the lead actor Rami Malek deserves to win an Oscar for best actor, he was fabulous!
I love Queen's music, so if you're also a fan go and watch it 👍

Sunday 18th -  I joined around 40 other Portuguese men and women at a Codfish Academy lunch at Eat Greek Restaurant in East Fremantle.
The Codfish Academy was founded in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1968, and the Perth branch was inaugurated in 2011, and is the only one in Australia. Funds that are later donated to charity are raised from these lunches or dinners.

After a generous and delicious Mediterranean buffet lunch, I drove around Fremantle taking some photos and came across a few new murals.

East Fremantle Marina, Lunch at Eat Greek, the choice of desserts

Fremantle curiosities - an interesting meal bench, a pink Mustang, a Chinese bridal couple being photographed, statues

Fremantle architecture

When I got home, and got the Christmas stuff from the garage and set up the Christmas tree.
I usually only set up my Christmas tree on the 1st of December, but because for the next 2 weekends I would be busy I put up the tree when I arrived home. This year I've gone for white and silver instead of the usual blues.

My Christmas tree with white and silver decorations

Thursday 22ndAfter work I drove to the suburb of Applecross not far from where I work to take photos of the jacaranda trees. Applecross is famous for its annual Jacaranda Festival at the end of November. I was a bit disappointed that this year they weren't as "bloomy" as in previous years.

I was pleased to see "Waiting in the wings" that I first saw at Sculpture by the Sea, in Cottesloe Beach this year, on the Applecross waterfront framing Perth's skyline in the distance.
The sculpture which took 12 months to complete, was done by Perth's sculptor Denise Pepper, is 3,3mt tall and each wing weighs about 170kg each.
Doesn't it look as if it was made for that spot?

Applecross also happens to be one of Perth's top suburbs with superb houses by the Swan River. One day when I grow up I would like to live there 😃
Jacarandas in Applecross streets

"Waiting in the wings"

                    Fancy houses by the Swan River in Applecross 

Later I drove to the Domestic airport to pick up my husband who was coming from Sydney to spend a few days at home. His flight was meant to arrive at 6,40pm and it was close to that time when I parked outside the recently opened Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) just a few minutes away from Terminal 4.
I usually wait for him to give a ring as soon as he's outside the terminal, but I waited, and waited, and waited...and eventually checked the flight website and it showed the flight was 1 hour late!  Silly me, why didn't I check at home? 
So I entertained myself with taking photos of the almost full moon (on 23rd) going through heavy clouds.
One hour later Jose arrived, rang me and I drove to the terminal

Almost full moon photo experiments

Friday 23rd -  an early day starting with dropping Jose's car at the dealership for a service. I followed him so we could return in my car and go to Carousel shopping to buy him some clothes for our daughter's upcoming wedding in the Philippines.
Upon our return home we called our grandchild who turned 2 that day.
Then Jose mowed the lawn and started pruning some trees. When the dealership called to say the car was ready I drove him there and we returned home.

At night we drove to the city to go and have dinner at Santini's restaurant (remember the QT Hotel from my Open House visit?).

Our wedding anniversary was on the 30th November and since Jose wasn't going to be here I thought we could have an early celebration dinner.
It's obviously the In place now as when I called at 5,30 to book for dinner I was told it was fully booked for 8pm but they could offer me a table at 9,30! 
I accepted it as I really wanted to go there. We arrived a bit earlier, had drinks at the Rooftop bar, the only available seats were at the outdoor area, the view was great but it was a bit windy to be out there.
Dinner was fantastic, food spectacular, service was good too, on the expensive side of course, but it was a special occasion. After dinner I still managed to take photos of some Christmas decorations in the city.
I didn't take any photos of the food, but I was embarrassed to do so in such a fancy place.

Christmas lights in the city

Christmas lights in the city

Saturday 24thJose carried on with getting the garden in order, while I made some snacks to take to my son's house for our grandson's second birthday party at 3pm.
Their house was full of little kids from the playgroup he's been attending since he was a couple of months old.
At 7pm after the party, we had intended to go back to the city to do the Christmas light trail, but Jose was tired from all the garden work so we had a quiet night watching a movie.

Birthday cake made by my daughter in law

In my son's neighbourhood someone puts up a big show of Christmas lights with reindeers, sleigh, photo booth snowmen, stars, the roof is illuminated, etc. 
He seems to be the only one in the street, but there are some suburbs where the whole street takes part and loads of people drive around looking at the illuminations and contributing coins to a charity of the street's choice.
When we left close to 7pm the lights were already on.

Christmas lights 

Monday 26th - I had taken Monday off work and at 2pm drove Jose to the airport for his flight back to Sydney.

Thursday 29th - coffee with former work colleagues at a coffee shop near work.

Friday 30th - Our 38th Wedding anniversary - lots of messages and calls, but with Jose in Sydney, sadly I spent the day on my own. Hopefully next year he will be working back in Perth.

Our wedding day 30 Nov 1980 in Johannesburg, South Africa

And so ended the month of November.
Hope your month wasn't as busy as mine.


  1. You certainly had a busy November Sami, but I suspect that you have a busy time most months :) Gosh two years old already, doesn't time fly, he looks adorable. Sounds like you had a super anniversary dinner, Jose must be exhausted when he goes back to Sydney, will be so good when he gets back to stay. When are you off to the Philippines?

    1. I try to keep busy...
      Jose always complains he's so tired when he goes back to Sydney, specially now that they are 3 hours ahead, that the first two days he just falls asleep as soon as he sits down on the couch, lol.
      I fly this Saturday, return the 22nd.

    2. Have a super holiday Sami. Catch up next year and hear all about it. Stay safe xox

  2. Waiting in the Wings is quite a beauty!

    1. It is a beautiful sculpture, thanks William.

  3. You had a very busy month. Wow.

    Loved the video. Love that music.

    Happy Anniversary. What a great looking couple you are.

    have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. Thank you Sandee, we're not as good looking now, lol.

  4. So glad you enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody. I really want to see this one, so a good review makes it even more exciting.

    I love everything about Freemantle, from the architecture to the statues.

    LOVE your tree. Looks like one of the cats has already gotten to one of the balls.

    Waiting in thee Wings is a fabulous sculpture. It DOES look like it belongs there.

    Beautiful moon shots. Very moody. Lovely Christmas shots, too.

    Enjoyed the b'day party and the neighbor's yard. Of course, I loved seeing your wedding photos again. Yes, your Nov was very busy.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Elizabeth. Fremantle is a beautiful and charming suburb. I think I might have left one ball on the floor when I took the photo, the cats are getting too old to bother with the tree now, thankfully :)
      The sculpture does look great in that spot.

  5. Beautiful post, Sami.
    Também existe, aqui em Toronto, a Academia do Bacalhau. Nunca fui a nenhum dos seus almoços/jantares. Talvez um dia...
    Ainda bem gostou do filme!! : ))

    1. Obrigada Catarina, nos fizemos parte do grupo que inaugurou a Academia em Perth em 2011.
      Obrigada pela recomendacao do filme :)

  6. I love Queen also but I really wonder why all musicians except Freddie Mercury have optical resembling actors.
    It´s also small things, Freddie had deep brown eyes, the actor has blue ones - it´s easy to get brown contact lenses..

    Donating is always a good thing - ohh, but it "hurts" to see the buffet as I´m just allowed plain rice and water for three days to eventually help my ear stop swooshing!

    Oh, how do you keep your cats from that tree - or are they allowed to play with it?

    It must be wonderful living with such colorful trees and the wings are impressive, too.
    That hour delay sure was spend great and all the decorations are beautiful!

    2 already...
    Fingers crossed for work in Perth very soon!

    1. I think the actor had brown eyes in the movie Iris.
      Rice and water to help your swooshing, strange recipe, hope it helps :)
      My cats are too old to bother with the tree, when they were smaller they would have a go at playing with the balls, but not now.
      Fingers crossed here too :)

  7. Goodness, Sami. You are like a whirlwind!

  8. Busy busy. I enjoyed your photos and hearing what you have been doing. It seems our jacarandas aren't quite up their usual standard this year too.

    1. Strange with the jacarandas not blooming as much this year Andrew, maybe the weather...

  9. You have been busy -- and having loads of fun, too! Not everyone has a week that full of good stuff! Your tree is lovely but loveliest of all is your anniversary and that sweet photo. Happiest of anniversaries to you, and many more!

  10. A much sought after Mustang, albeit maybe not so much in pink. :-)

  11. Uma mês cheio a terminar com a foto de uma noiva linda.

  12. Belas fotografias e eu também sou um apaixonado pelas musicas dos Queen.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
    O prazer dos livros

    1. Obrigada Francisco, bom gosto na musica :)

  13. Congratulations with your wedding anniversary, you haven't changed a bit in 38 years!

  14. Dearest Sami,
    Congrats to the both of you on your 38th wedding anniversary.
    You indeed had a whirlwind schedule and such different events and happenings!
    We too had a crazy, scary and happy November month. Crazy with all the rain, delays and renovation work on the bathroom and some painting in bedroom, office and hallway. I had to work, still tutoring at the Technical College. Pieter scared me with his bad bronchitis that looked like pneumonia. The x-rays taken after some 3 weeks showed it was okay and the antibiotics had done their job.
    We just found an opening on November 10th for having a special dinner on our 35th wedding anniversary, with our best friends.

    1. Congratulations too on your anniversary Mariette and Pieter. Glad Pieter is on the mend. Hope December is calmer and healthier :)

    2. Oops forget to mention the Jacarandas - envy you for that part!
      Today, after almost 2 months our new refrigerator got finally straightened out. It got delivered on October 13 but the left door hung higher and there also was a vertical gap. SO happy with one more major eyesore removed and dealt with. Home Depot sent special people to deal with it.
      So glad to find it all done when coming home from work!
      Big hugs to you and love that sparkly looking young bride and the handsome groom picture!!!
      Keep those sparks ignited...

  15. Well, ours was pretty busy but I haven't bought a tree yet! :( :( Congrats on the anniversary and wishing you a wonderful festive season, Sami.

    1. Thank you Joanne. You would have had a pretty busy month with moving to another country :) Have a lovely Christmas and New Year too.

  16. Beautiful and busy month...hope you two celebrate belatedly and big time when he gets home!


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