Wednesday 31 May 2023

Signs - Jewellery and Books

 For other signs from around the world please check Tom's blog

I saw these signs in the inner-city suburb of Subiaco when I went to see a street flower display for Mother's day weekend - the first one in a jewellery store and the other two at the entrance to a bookshop.

Monday 29 May 2023

Monday Murals - Cologne

I love murals and street art. If you like murals or have a mural you'd like to post, this meme is for you.  Just follow the Linky steps below.  Once you start looking you will find murals everywhere.  The "Monday Mural" meme goes live on Monday at 12,01AM, Perth,Western Australian time. Be sure to link back to this blog and visit your fellow posters. Looking forward to your mural finds this week. Thanks Sami. 

I saw this mural in Cologne, near one of the underground stations. 
A mural showing Cologne's mayor Henriette Reker, one of the very few women in German local politics. I found it very colourful, hence photographed it!

Other murals in Cologne:

Seen at Bonn/Cologne Airport.

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Signs - Man Creche

 For other signs from around the world you check Tom's blog post.

A sign that my daughter sent me from when she visited Antwerp, Belgium a few weeks ago, from the Scottish bar "The Highlander" in Antwerp, Belgium.

"Husband Creche - Is he getting under your feet? Why not leave him here while you go shopping. Free creche - just pay for his drinks".

And another "man chair" in a shop in Margaret River (in the South West of Western Australia).

"Ladies! Shop without a care while he relaxes on this chair".

Monday 22 May 2023

Monday Murals - Bruhl III

I love murals and street art. If you like murals or have a mural you'd like to post, this meme is for you.  Just follow the Linky steps below.  Once you start looking you will find murals everywhere.  The "Monday Mural" meme goes live on Monday at 12,01AM, Perth,Western Australian time. Be sure to link back to this blog and visit your fellow posters. Looking forward to your mural finds this week.

Thanks, Sami  

Another mural in Bruhl, Germany. Couldn't really figure out what this mural is about... a nuclear explosion?

This one was in a park by the lake, where we went for a walk - a sports club for kids I presume - "Give everything for Vochem!"     (Vochem being a suburb in Bruhl)

Side of a house in Bruhl city centre

Do you remember hopscotch?  A few of these on the pavements of Bruhl

Wednesday 17 May 2023

April Wrap-Up - Singapore & Perth

Tuesday 4th - I landed at Changi Singapore Airport at 6,30 am. 

Just outside the corridor was a booking counter advertising "Free Singapore Tours", which is sponsored by Singapore Airlines, Changi Airport Group and the Singapore Tourism Board for transit passengers who have more than 5,30h stop-overs at Changi Airport. 

I had an 8 hour stop-over so good to go! Funnily enough the tours had just restarted the day before, so I was lucky to have somewhere to spend my time. 

I enrolled in the 8AM tour, which can also be booked online or at the tour counters in transit terminals 2 and 3. I had to leave my luggage at the Luggage Storage and then joined another 6 people for the tour. We had to go through Immigration to get a day visa, which we applied for online when booking the tour.

There are 3 different tours but the 8AM one was to the suburb of Tampines - a 2 1/2 hours tour, where we could see the local housing, Central Park and its playgrounds, Tampines Hub - Singapore first integrated community and leisure hub and then Changi Beach Park.

Tampines has won the United Nations World Habitat Award, for being an example of high quality, high density affordable housing and community living.

The very neat suburb is full of high-rise buildings, but there was a huge park - Central Park, with kids zones, garden zones to plant, exercise zones, meeting zones...

We were told that in Singapore all buildings get an external paint renovation every 5 years, to which the apartment owners contribute with a monthly fee. No wonder everything looked neat and new! But then, life is expensive in Singapore, and the guide told us one of the 4 bedroom apartments in the building across from the park had recently sold for the equivalent of about 1,5 million AUD!! Wow!!
But despite being among the world's most expensive property markets, about 90% of Singaporeans own property! Very impressive.

The Tampines Hub - It had about 7 floors, with sports court, library, theatre, a garden at the top, a community centre, a Services hub where people can register births, weddings, deaths, find jobs, do their wills, register a business, submit medical claims... all central to the suburb.

Our Tampines Hub

The top floor garden for the community

Advert for Subway -  It's cheesy, but you can do this, you're almost there! and
Olive, your efforts will be worth it!

Outside the Tampines Hub

From the Tampines Hub, the bus picked us up and took us to the Changi Village Markt Hawker Centre where they sell street food at very reasonable prices, and where the guide bought us fried bananas while we sat down to taste them.

Then we visited the nearby Changi Beach Park, a 28 hectare beach park, which retains the village atmosphere of the 1960's and 70's. It's apparently not a very good swimming beach as it is near the container harbour, but the gardens are great for picnics, there are cycling lanes, and I saw lots of birds too..

And it was time to return to the airport. The guide asked if anyone still had extra time, and those could be dropped at the Jewel if they wished, and I was one of those.
The Changi Jewel is open 24 hours and most shops operate between 10am to 10pm and can be externally or via Arrival Hall of Terminal 1.


The 10 storey high building (5 above and 5 below ground) with a 40mt indoor waterfall surrounded by lush plants, has over 280 international flagship stores as well as exclusive stores, eating outlets as well as a myriad of attractions.
It is recommended you take 5 to 6 hours to see it all, but I took no more than 2 as I wanted to make sure I had time to collect my luggage and then take the internal train to another terminal for my flight. 
I also just visited 3 floors, and even though I'm not a big shopper nor a fan of big shopping malls, I was mainly wowed by that amazing waterfall and plants.

Celebrating Disney's 100th anniversary

When I finished, I went back to the airport, retrieved my bag from the Luggage storage, and went and sat close to my departing lounge.
On the way I took photos of sweet "Easter bunnies and eggs" - it was just before Easter.... 

The Louis Vuitton shop front which seems to have different "murals" on its facade, statues scattered all over the airport....

On the train from Terminal 1 in front of Jewel to Terminal 2 from where I was departing to Perth on a Scoot flight.

Before we landed in Perth the Scoot plane cabin came alive with rainbow lights. What fun!

Rainbow light just before landing in Perth

A youtube video about Jewel if you want to get a better idea of what can be seen.

Friday 21st - we were invited to join friends for a Portuguese Buffet dinner at the Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club in Dalkeith.

Food was fabulous with so much choice....I just felt sorry I couldn't try it all.

The menu

Welcome to the Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club

Sunday 23rd - A morning picnic at Point Walter, by the Swan River, organized by the Perth Codfish Academy.

In the afternoon I met up with one of the Doctors from my clinic and her husband and another couple, and we went to watch the movie: "Vermeer - the Greatest Exhibition". The movie offers people a chance to experience this sold-out exhibition at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, where 28 works of the Dutch painter, w
ho lived between 1632 and 1675 are on show. The film is narrated by the director of the Rijksmuseum and the curators of the exhibition.  The small movie house was full, and we really enjoyed the movie.

Afterwards we went to the Drs house for snacks on her balcony overlooking the river. 

Friday 28th - The members of Community Harvest got together at the Canning Agricultural Society kitchen to make sauerkraut and kimchi. I'm not a fan of kimchi as I find it too spicy for my tastebuds, so I made 2 jars of sauerkraut.

Afterwards we sat down for coffee/tea and shared the snack we had each taken. I had made "Portuguese tarts", not as good looking as the original thing, but they were tasty :)

Saturday 29th - meeting of the committee members of the Portuguese Women's Association at Espresso and Prosecco Cafe, in the city centre, to plan our next event in July.

Hot chocolate and cheesecake

Sunday 30th -  we joined a group of Portuguese friends for a picnic at Perth's botanic gardens - Kings Park. It was a beautiful day, warm, great food to share and we met new members of the community.

View of Perth city when we were leaving the picnic at Kings Park

I haven't painted furniture for a while but was inspired to paint a few sterling silver odd tea-sets that I had bought for very cheap on Marketplace. 

Pink set, gray set, green teapot and turquoise set

This month I also made a few loaves of Sourdough bread from a starter that was given to me and I tried my hand at soft fresh cheese with rennet I brought from Portugal.

Cream cheese, sourdough bread, a slice of bread with fresh cheese and fig jam


A caboose (number plate seen on a truck) can be a railway wagon with accommodation for the crew
   Waggi = small waggon

  1. For other signs from around the world please check Tom's blog.