Monday 27 July 2015

Delicate Lace in Chinatown - Mural in Northbridge II

This beautiful and delicate lace pattern mural was painted on a wall in Perth's Chinatown.

It was painted during Form2015, by NeSpoon, a Polish street artist. She uses the lace patterns as "public jewellery" and usually collaborates with lace-makers in the various countries where she has exhibited her works, such as Portugal, France, Italy, the Netherlands... She also uses her lace patterns in pottery.

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Sunday 26 July 2015

The birds and the famous face - Mural in Northbridge I

Just like the Zebra mural in the previous post, this 20 metre wide, 2 storeys high mural is in the suburb of Northbridge, right next to the city, and was painted by Perth artist Anya Brock.

Anya was commissioned to paint the very plain rear facade of the Paramount nightclub, and again you can see recognize her style by the use of her traditional colours and also the birds and geometric shapes that she often paints. 
The bottom left face is that of Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr.
If I painted murals these would be my colours too, in fact my favourite colour is blue, specially turquoise, which I have in the home, garden, clothing....

Monday 20 July 2015

Zebras - Monday Mural

This Zebra mural in Fremantle  was painted by Perth artist Anya Brock in her trademark colours. 
It was painted on the side wall of the very quirky Ootong and Lincoln Cafe, at 258 South Terrace.

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Monday 13 July 2015

A thousand lights at the Airport

Dropping a friend at the International Airport recently I came across this mural painted by Perth's artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers.
It's painted over 9 walls - measuring 80 metres in length by 6 metres height - on the new domestic Terminal 2 building next to Terminal 1, the International Airport.

It was completed towards the end of last year and it took 22 days to paint!
The mural is entitled "A thousand lights", depicting an abstract aerial view of flying across the globe to Perth.
The mural has been lit with LED lights so that the night view should be quite fabulous!

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Sunday 12 July 2015

Murals in Claremont II

The following murals and street art were also found around the business area of Claremont - Claremont Quarter.

Located at Walt Drabble Lane (just like the first two murals in the previous post) the mural below was painted by Perth artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers, entitled "Taking boats out to the ocean" painted in 2012.

Dutch born and Fremantle resident, artist Amok Island, painted this "Fish" in 2013, on the walls of a men's shoe and clothing shop, at Rear 21 Bayview Terrace.
He seems to love  painting fish, as he has many other fish murals around Perth.

"Ooh La La" is the name of this work of art commissioned by the Town of Claremont to revitalise Bay View Terrace, reflecting the town's contribution to fashion.
It was unveiled in 2013 and the artist was Perth's Coral Lowry.

Another work of art commissioned by the City of Claremont in 2009, are these lovely bronze black cockatoos sitting on the bent flowering spike of a grass tree.  
The sculpture was done by local sculptor Andrew Kay and is located in Mary Street.

Here are natural Grass trees and  you can see the bent flowering spike on the tree to the left, as portrayed in the cockatoo sculpture. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We've had some cold mornings in Perth this week with zero degrees C. recorded on Thursday 9th. This week the minimum will be slightly higher at 5 C. Luckily the top temperatures will average between 17 to 20 C! 

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Murals in Claremont

I had an exam today at the University of Western Australia, the oldest University in Western Australia operating since 1913.

After the exam I had some time before I had to go to work, so I went in search of murals painted for this year's Form 2015, in the nearby suburb of Claremont.

Situated just 9km from Perth's city centre, Claremont is one of the older suburbs with lovely old houses and very expensive modern houses too. 
There are loads of interesting shops in the area as well...

Painted by Australian graffiti artist "Kab101", this colourful wall is based on his trademark calligraphic signature markings.

Perth artist Fintan Magee has painted another gigantic mural on the side wall of a 3 storey building.
Both of the above murals are to be found at Walt Drabble Lane in the Claremont Quarter.

Painted on a high rise at 375 Stirling  Highway, this mural was painted by Italian artist Teo Pirisi aka "Moneyless" a lover of geometric shapes.

Painted on a wall behind McKenzie's auctioneers, at 8 Stirling Street, this mural is by Australian Hannah Atcheson who loves Japanese art and culture.

Fintan Magee's mural is my favourite, which is yours?

Sunday 5 July 2015

Winter evening in the city

We decided to go into the city last night, left our cars at the train station, took the 10 minute ride into town and walked a few blocks enjoying the wonderful "mild" (for winter) evening, until we reached Matsuri Japanese restaurant where we made reservations for dinner.
The food was good, but Japanese dessert was a bit of a let-down.

On the way back I took photos of some murals at the 140 Murray street building (just behind the Underground train station) where a few new restaurant venues have recently opened.

Mural by Phibs around the lift doors
Mural by Kyle Hughes-Odgers and Benjamin Johnson

We then crossed into Northbridge (the night life district) via the Horse-shoe bridge to go and see the "Winter wonderland" - a snow dome, and a 250 m2 ice-skating rink that has been set up near the Perth Cultural Centre, running for part of the month of July. 
Like last year, there was a pop-up bar with hot drinks, but unfortunately I saw some food vans around the area but they were closed, so I don't know if maybe they just operate during the day and not in the evenings.

Snow Dome - no one was inside
I expected there would be more people in this area, but it was quite empty, but it could be because Fremantle also has their own "winter activities" at the same time, or maybe because it was a rainy day...
Ice-rink with giant screen with "burning logs"
The pop-up Bar- The Lodge- to the left with plenty of comfy seating and heaters. Behind is the City's public Library
The food vans were closed. Behind is one of this years "Sculpture by the Sea exhibits" - My home is your Home.

Walking back to the Underground station we came across another exhibit from this years "Sculpture by the Sea" in the form of an old car filled with "grass trees" sitting on the pavement in Wellington street, close to the station.
Tim Burton's "Victory or Revenge" from this year's Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe, now adorns a Perth street
Can you see the "Green Cactus" sculpture to the left in-between those two buildings?
Wellington street Station
Since we don't often go out at night, it was an enjoyable and different night, and I think I managed to persuade my husband that we need to go out more often and discover new things in the city.

Hope you had a great weekend too.

Friday 3 July 2015

Alfred at the Como cinema

Strangely enough, I don't think I had ever noticed this mural of the iconic Alfred Hitchcock which is painted on the side of the Cygnet Cinema car park in the suburb of Como, just a few minutes from my work place!

Could the bird on the left be a connection to his well known film "The Birds?"
Recently I had lunch with a friend in a nearby restaurant, and it was when walking back to my car that I noticed the mural.
Alfred and his wife Alma spent part of their honeymoon in Lago di Como (Lake Como), Italy, and returned many times, and the suburb of Como was apparently named after this Italian locality.

The mural was commissioned by the Cygnet Cinema and painted in 2013 by an unknown artist.

The originally named Como Theatre designed in an Art Deco style, opened its doors in 1938 and is now heritage listed. Now named The Cygnet Cinema is part of the "Grand Cinemas" chain.

Just outside the cinema on Preston Street, stands this 2003 artwork by Peter Daily and Tunya Verlsuis, of old canisters and movie reels. It's an interactive artwork and you can turn the film in the projector to see historical and contemporary pictures of Como. How cool is that?

On another nearby wall of a Chinese restaurant another mural was being painted. The scaffolding and art material were there, but I couldn't see the artist.
Golden dragons and kids playing? Not sure I can figure out the association...

 Have a wonderful weekend. We will be having a wet weekend in Perth.