Sunday, 5 July 2015

Winter evening in the city

We decided to go into the city last night, left our cars at the train station, took the 10 minute ride into town and walked a few blocks enjoying the wonderful "mild" (for winter) evening, until we reached Matsuri Japanese restaurant where we made reservations for dinner.
The food was good, but Japanese dessert was a bit of a let-down.

On the way back I took photos of some murals at the 140 Murray street building (just behind the Underground train station) where a few new restaurant venues have recently opened.

Mural by Phibs around the lift doors
Mural by Kyle Hughes-Odgers and Benjamin Johnson

We then crossed into Northbridge (the night life district) via the Horse-shoe bridge to go and see the "Winter wonderland" - a snow dome, and a 250 m2 ice-skating rink that has been set up near the Perth Cultural Centre, running for part of the month of July. 
Like last year, there was a pop-up bar with hot drinks, but unfortunately I saw some food vans around the area but they were closed, so I don't know if maybe they just operate during the day and not in the evenings.

Snow Dome - no one was inside
I expected there would be more people in this area, but it was quite empty, but it could be because Fremantle also has their own "winter activities" at the same time, or maybe because it was a rainy day...
Ice-rink with giant screen with "burning logs"
The pop-up Bar- The Lodge- to the left with plenty of comfy seating and heaters. Behind is the City's public Library
The food vans were closed. Behind is one of this years "Sculpture by the Sea exhibits" - My home is your Home.

Walking back to the Underground station we came across another exhibit from this years "Sculpture by the Sea" in the form of an old car filled with "grass trees" sitting on the pavement in Wellington street, close to the station.
Tim Burton's "Victory or Revenge" from this year's Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe, now adorns a Perth street
Can you see the "Green Cactus" sculpture to the left in-between those two buildings?
Wellington street Station
Since we don't often go out at night, it was an enjoyable and different night, and I think I managed to persuade my husband that we need to go out more often and discover new things in the city.

Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. Fantastic night shots Sami. Aimee and I were in the city today to attend the 'equal rights to marry' rally in Northbridge and despite the rain the ice rink was quite busy, in fact the whole city was busy.

    1. Good, I felt bad that the ice-rink wasn't too popular, maybe it was just that evening...

  2. You crack me up there :-)
    Ice skating as fake as in Braunschweig, hilarious!
    Nice to see so many new murals and, oh. You make me kinda "home-sick" (though atm I really do prefer our warm temps!) Nice to see (some of) the sculptures made it to the city. I think the chair would make a good addition, too?

    1. I also prefer summer, but with our winters not being too cold, I suppose the ice-rink makes people think we're in the middle of a very cold winter. Oh yes that chair from the exhibition - there is a similar sculpture by the same artist in Subiaco.

    2. Do you know the street´s name in Subi?

    3. It's in Rokeby Road, It's called "arrive to Paradise". I thought I had posted a photo of it, but I can't find it, so maybe not (but took photos of it a long time ago)

    4. Thank you, added to the list :-)

  3. So strange to see an ice-rink in Perth, mostly I see photo's of heat and sunshine. But why not, ice-rinks can be placed everywhere nowadays.

    1. Hi Marianne, because our winters aren't cold enough for snow, they bring ice and snow to the city to remind us we are actually in the middle of winter. It's also fun for kids and adults too.

  4. What a lovely evening! The winter wonderland looked like a nice spot to enjoy this season. Here is totally different. We had a heat wave this weekend and Prague reached 40ºC! No ice skating for us....

    1. Oh well, we are at opposite ends, so winter for us, summer for you! Luckily our winter isn't that bad at all...

  5. Replies
    1. It's an interesting "reinvention" of an old car!


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