Sunday, 12 July 2015

Murals in Claremont II

The following murals and street art were also found around the business area of Claremont - Claremont Quarter.

Located at Walt Drabble Lane (just like the first two murals in the previous post) the mural below was painted by Kyle Hughes-Odgers, but not for Form 2015 (not sure when).

Dutch born and Fremantle resident, artist Amok Island, painted this "Fish" in 2013, on the walls of a men's shoe and clothing shop, at Rear 21 Bayview Terrace.
He seems to love  painting fish, as he has many other fish murals around Perth.

"Ooh La La" is the name of this work of art commissioned by the Town of Claremont to revitalise Bay View Terrace, reflecting the town's contribution to fashion.
It was unveiled in 2013 and the artist was Perth's Coral Lowry.

Another work of art commissioned by the City of Claremont in 2009, are these lovely bronze black cockatoos sitting on the bent flowering spike of a grass tree.  
The sculpture was done by local sculptor Andrew Kay and is located in Mary Street.

Here are natural Grass trees and  you can see the bent flowering spike on the tree to the left, as portrayed in the cockatoo sculpture. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We've had some cold mornings in Perth this week with zero degrees C. recorded on Thursday 9th. This week the minimum will be slightly higher at 5 C. Luckily the top temperatures will average between 17 to 20 C! 


  1. Gosh I didn't realise how much fab art there was in Claremont Sami, really enjoyed seeing it here, merci beaucoup..

  2. I didn't either, but there seems to be fabulous murals all over Perth nowadays. I'm glad I found them!

  3. Dearest Sami,
    That is quite a variety of huge murals versus very cute bronze black cockatoos!
    Lots of color to warm your days when the sun lets go a bit of her strength.
    Happy new week and hugs,

    1. Yes, that cockatoo statue is very nice. Thanks for the visit Mariette

  4. Very pretty murals and I like that artwork too,

  5. Brrr, that sure is cold! 19C today, summer is taking a break here....
    Love especially the cockatoos!

    1. Pity I can't find out who made the cockatoo statue.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Oakland Daily Photo for the visit.

  7. Gostei especialmente dos dois primeiros.

    1. Obrigada Sandra, sao interessantes.


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