Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Murals in Claremont

I had an exam today at the University of Western Australia, the oldest University in Western Australia operating since 1913.

After the exam I had some time before I had to go to work, so I went in search of murals painted for this year's Form 2015, in the nearby suburb of Claremont.

Situated just 9km from Perth's city centre, Claremont is one of the older suburbs with lovely old houses and very expensive modern houses too. 
There are loads of interesting shops in the area as well...

Painted by Australian graffiti artist "Kab101", this colourful wall is based on his trademark calligraphic signature markings.

Perth artist Fintan Magee has painted another gigantic mural on the side wall of a 3 storey building.
Both of the above murals are to be found at Walt Drabble Lane in the Claremont Quarter.

Painted on a high rise at 375 Stirling  Highway, this mural was painted by Italian artist Teo Pirisi aka "Moneyless" a lover of geometric shapes.

Painted on a wall behind McKenzie's auctioneers, at 8 Stirling Street, this mural is by Australian Hannah Atcheson who loves Japanese art and culture.

Fintan Magee's mural is my favourite, which is yours?


  1. The´re all great, but Fintan Magee´s certainly is the very most impressive one.
    I have no clue on how this is done, it´s amazing!
    What kind of an exam did you do (if you wanna tell).

    1. Hi Iris, I have no idea how an artist plans those murals in such a grand scale...
      I had an English oral exam for my Permanent residence. On Saturday we have the listening/reading/writing module.

  2. They all look great and so huge!

  3. Definitely the Fintan mural, although I do like the Teo one also, reminds me of a slinky :)
    P.s. good luck with the exams Sami.

    1. Fintan is a great artist! Thanks Grace, will know how the exam went in 2 weeks.

  4. Dearest Sami,
    Love the high rise mural as it is very soft and does blend in best without being too loud or too pronounced.
    Enjoy your weekend coming up.

    1. Thanks Mariette, have a lovely weekend too.

  5. It doesn't look easy to get good shots of them, Sami! It made me smile coming here because I'd just noticed your blog's name again and this certainly lives up to that. They're great! :)

    1. Thanks Jo, I certainly try and find colour all around me!


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