Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Signs - Milk, Cheese, Ice-Cream and Sugar...

 For other signs from around the world please check Tom's blog:

I don't usually drink milk, but a few years ago I tried real "farm fresh" milk when we travelled from Adelaide to Victor Harbour, in South Australia. Wow, it tasted just like the milk I used to drink in my youth, the real creamy thing! 

The cheese sign was from a Cheese factory in the coastal town of Denmark, in the south of Western Australia.

Two fat cows (isn't that an hilarious name?) ice-cream is from the town of Margaret River, 270km south of Perth. 

Various quirky sugar packets from cafes -  photos taken in one of our visits to Portugal.  The top two photos are from the "Happy is" series:

Left: Happy is the one that shares happiness  /  Right: Happy is the one that drinks a coffee and eats a chocolate

Top: Happy is the one that feels butterflies in the stomach.
Bottom: Happy is the one who receives words of love.

These are the "Good morning series" with idiomatic expressions :

Top from L to R: 
Good morning to those who have the "King in their belly" = people who are arrogant/proud.
Good morning to those who "work like a moor" = work a lot, without resting.
Good morning to all Portuguese, special thanks to those that participated in this edition.
Bottom from L to R:
Good morning to those who have eyes bigger than the stomach = help themselves to too much food.
Good morning to those who have their nose up in the air =  haughty/arrogant people.
Good morning to those who dream while awake = distracted people.

These sugar packets are from "The world needs Nata"  - the Portuguese coffee shops named after the famous Portuguese tarts.

Monday, 26 July 2021

Monday Mural - Bull Creek Library

While searching for a "Santa" outfit for a Christmas in July event, where Jose would be dressing as Father Christmas, I went to the Bull Creek Shopping Centre, and when parking I noticed the Library just across from the shopping centre had a new look.

The bird and native vegetation murals on either side of the library's entrance were painted in March/April this year by Italian/Australian artist Jack Bromell.

I had last visited this shopping in March this year, when I saw this mural:

The other side of the shops has these murals:

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Signs - Bohol, Philippines

For other signs from around the world please check Tom's blog.

Photos taken in the Philippines in December 2018, in the island of Bohol, the 10th largest island of the Philippines.

Its most famous attraction are The Chocolate Hills, made up of numerous mounds of brown limestone formations.

The main viewing point of the Chocolate Hills is the government owned Chocolate Hills complex in the town of Carmen, about 55km (34mi) from the capital Tagbilaran.

Chocolate Hills viewing point

The staircase to the viewing point - a lot of stairs...

Even the steps have signs

Bohol is also the home of the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary - a place devoted to saving this declining tiny species of primates. They measure about 9 to 16cm (3.5 to 6 in) excluding the tail, and weigh about 80 to 160 (2.8 to 5.8 oz).

They are nocturnal, very sensitive to noise, light and touch, which can lead them to suicide. They only produce one offspring a year with a gestation period of 180 days, their huge eyes are larger then their brain, and they can't rotate their eyes, but instead they can twist their necks 180 degrees in either direction.

Monday, 19 July 2021

Monday Mural - Geometric Girl

I love murals and street art. If you like murals or have a mural you'd like to post, this meme is for you.  Just follow the Linky steps below.  Once you start looking you will find murals everywhere.  The "Monday Mural" meme goes live on Monday at 12,01AM, Perth,Western Australian time. Be sure to link back to this blog and visit your fellow posters. Looking forward to your mural finds this week.  Thanks, Sami.

Just like last week's mural , this one was also painted by Perth artist  Anya Brock, in a lane off Stephen street in Bunbury (next to Shoe-Be-Doo) for Rediscover Bunbury 2015.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Signs - Various

For other signs from around the world please check Tom's blog.

Advert in one of the cinemas I went to

OMG sign in front of a Greek restaurant in the city

Monday, 12 July 2021

Monday Murals - Banksia

I love murals and street art. If you like murals or have a mural you'd like to post, this meme is for you.  Just follow the Linky steps below.  Once you start looking you will find murals everywhere.  The "Monday Mural" meme goes live on Monday at 12,01AM, Perth,Western Australian time. Be sure to link back to this blog and visit your fellow posters. Looking forward to your mural finds this week.  Thanks, Sami.

I heard about "The Little Banksia Cafe" from one of my French class colleagues, and because it's 5 minutes from the clinic, I drove there one day after work to have a peep.

Imagine my surprise to find a mural on the outside wall. Not easy to photograph as the outdoor area was full of people, and big umbrellas...

Painted by Perth artist Anya Brock, at 78 Banksia Terrace, in the suburb of Kensington.

The side wall where the mural is painted, you can just see the tips of the leaves

Photo taken from the artist's website 

The street where the Cafe is located is the type of street where there seems to be a lot of community interaction, with verge herb/vegetable gardens where anyone can walk by and pick something to add to their dinner.  

Returning home I spotted fabulous views of Perth, on the other side of the Swan River. 

Friday, 9 July 2021

June Wrap-up

June, the start of Winter. Bbbrrrr, not my favourite season for sure, I would hibernate if I could 😉. 
Luckily our winters aren't too cold, with mostly sunny days and maximum temperatures that might reach 18 to 20C (64 to 68F). We had a couple of days this month when an Arctic wind blew and the minimum temperature dropped to 1,9C, luckily well before my time to get out of bed in the morning.

On Monday 31st May, I woke up with a sore throat, messaged my colleagues if anyone could work for me, and from the 3 colleagues who didn't work that day, the reply was "they had other appointments". Oh well, I got dressed and went to work!

When I got there my boss was already there cancelling appointments for one of the Doctors who had called her to say he was sick. I told her I wasn't feeling too well either, but no one could work... She just sent me packing and said she would work at the front desk with the other colleague. 

My colleagues must have felt guilty, as eventually two of them volunteered to go and work. 

I went to the Doctor on Tuesday 1st at my clinic, and believe or not he sent me off for a covid test!  I couldn't understand why, when at the time we had not a single case of Covid in the State, nor had I been anywhere outside Perth. All he prescribed was rest and hot liquids.

Both my colleagues saw one of the other Doctors who did not send them for a Covid test...  Anyway, it was negative as I expected.

I returned to work the following Monday 7th.  In the meantime 2  colleagues had fallen ill with flu over the weekend and I had to work every day for 9 to 10h a day to cover both their shifts! No fun at all, out the window went my restful week replaced with a lot of stress.

On Saturday 5th, feeling better I joined a group of 30 ladies, members of the WA Portuguese Women Association, for a screening of a French movie with English subtitles, and a couple of sentences in Portuguese - "La cage dorée- (The guilded cage), about a Portuguese family of immigrants living in Paris, who inherit a property in Portugal and decide to return home.  The main actors are all well known Portuguese actors, and we all enjoyed it.

Actors from "La Cage Doree:  (photo from net) 

On Sunday 6th Jose and I went to Burswood Park, by the Swan river and Crown Casino to join in the celebrations of WA Day (Western Australia Day) which is celebrated on the 7th, a public holiday. It was a wet day, but still lots of people filled the park. We arrived at about 2pm and spotted a South African food van -  Big 5 - where we bought meat samoosas - I so missed these, and they were delicious.
We then shared a waffle with ice-cream from another van. 

Big 5 food van, food area, swan people walking around, waffle with ice cream

Mince samoosas (photo from net)

We walked around checking the music stage, the various kids entertainment tents, the petting zoo, the massive fire van, etc.

A music box VW, more swan at one of the entrances, a swan statue and Dutch Captain Willem de Vlamingh
Panorama view of the Swan river from Burswood park

Then we sat at some benches by the water's edge with a bag of popcorn admiring the sunset... 

Sunset - the Matagarup bridge with 2 swans gliding by, and stadium on the right

And to end the night's celebrations there was a 10 minute firework display. Magical!

Jose started a new job  on Wednesday 9th.  He hadn't been working for a while waiting to go back to his old company in Perth who had been awarded a new rail project last year. Somehow almost 10 months later they still haven't started recruiting for this project...  
He could have gone back to Sydney where he worked for the same company on other projects during 18 months, but neither of us was keen on the idea - it was expensive for us, and Jose had enough of the big city stress and I didn't want to move there either.
He's now working for a smaller company also in Project management for rail projects.
That evening we went out to dinner to our favourite Japanese restaurant - Yuki - to celebrate the occasion.

On Saturday 12th we went to a dinner/dance at the Portuguese club to celebrate the Portuguese national day. We booked a table for 9 which included one of the Doctors from my clinic.  The food was great, the music by "Carbon Taxi" with Portuguese singer Chantal Basilio (on the right in the video), was fabulous and we danced the night away, leaving at midnight!

Prawn entry, Codfish, potatoes and rice, and a pineapple cake I baked to take

The hall, the band, the dancing floor and our guests at our table

Thursday 17th someone from St Johns Ambulance came to the clinic to administer a CPR course to all of us at the clinic from 5,30. Our boss arranged for snacks to be eaten midway through the 3h course. This was needed for the clinic's Accreditation in July.

Saturday 19th my colleague Suzanne from French class delivered a chest of drawers to be painted. It belonged to her brother who passed away about 6 months ago and she wanted it to be revamped to pass onto the brother's partner. It wasn't in a very good state, drawers needed gluing, the back panel had to be removed and replaced with a sheet of plywood, an extra support was added to the back and I had to add another top too as too damaged with stains to be able to be stained.
Apart from the top and drawers the rest was painted in black. 
Not yet finished as I still need the cup drawer pulls, so I'll show it next month.

Sunday 20th we drove about 30min north to go to Ikea, to look for a desk. 
You can see the stormy weather we had that weekend ...
The following Sunday we went into a 5 day lockdown because a person came from Sydney with the virus and one of the exposure sites mentioned was a couple of hours at Ikea on the 22nd.  Uff, we escaped!!

Saturday 26th we went out to dinner with friends to the Italian restaurant Ruocco's  in Fremantle. The food was fantastic, service was tops too.

Jose's chocolate and orange mousse, starters, my Creme brulee, my octopus and chips dish

Monday 28th we started administering the Astra Zeneca covid vaccines at the clinic. We just book about 10 people a day, but it makes a lot more work for us receptionists - booking, rebooking 12 weeks later, phoning patients from a list to ask if they would like to book, charging Medicare...

Jose and I picked olives from our olive tree, about 7kgs of them! They are now curing in water which gets changed daily and then will be put into bottles with brine.

We've had plenty of rainy days, and as I roll out my painting projects from the garage to the backyard there hasn't been much of a chance to paint.

Apart from the yet to be finished chest of drawers, I painted another bedside table, this time in pink :)

Shelley and Twiggy ....

And I end the month of June with a visit to Bunnings, a hardware warehouse after another big downpour that left the parking lot flooded, but the sunset sky was pretty.