Friday, 2 September 2011

Gill´s work farewell

Today was my colleague Gill´s farewell party at work.
Gill started work at the Clinic a few weeks after me, just over 4 years ago.
She is a darling lady, calm and patient. Gill recently decided she would like to retire as the stress, hustle and bustle of the clinic was getting too much for her.
We had a little farewell party for her at the clinic after work, all the Reception girls taking some lovely food and the clinic supplying the wine and bubbly.
To Gill - may all your dreams come true, enjoy your gardening, your travelling and spending time with your children and friends. We will miss you at work!!

My contribution to the farewell was a lovely Chocolate Cake made with almond flour (a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens magazine) that I baked last night, and a home made Hummus dip that was enjoyed by all.

We all had a lovely time and Gill received some beautiful gifts that will remind her of our lovely colleagues and doctors.
I feel really lucky to work in such a wonderful place and to have such caring and lovely work colleagues.
We are a very good team!!

I leave you with some pictures of the chocolate cake that I baked and the mini cheesecakes that another colleague baked, for which I will post a recipe soon, and they are easy and delicious.

Almond meal chocolate cake

Judy´s mini cheesecakes


  1. I love that we break bread, so to speak, whenever we get together, whether for a farewell, a wedding,a funeral etc. Seems like food does comfort the soul.

  2. Oh i'm glad the night was a success.

  3. True it´s wonderful how food can bring people together and we are then able to share stories and life experiences.


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