Friday 23 September 2011


Rice Pudding -  Arroz Doce  (in Portuguese), is a typical Portuguese dessert. Traditionally it used to be served at wedding receptions or Christmas gatherings, but who needs to wait for a special occasion to have some creamy rice pudding?

There are a few variations to this recipe, some with eggs, some without, some made with condensed milk others with normal milk, more or less sugar... they are all delicious.
It has been a while since I made Rice Pudding, in fact I think it was for Christmas last year.
How time flies...we are almost there again.

I had a 1 litre bottle of milk in the fridge that was just past its use by date, so I thought it would be the ideal way to use up the milk.

125 gr short grain rice (I use Arborio rice)
250ml water
pinch of salt
1 stick cinnamon
lemon rind strips
500ml milk
150 gr sugar
25gr butter
3 egg yolks
grated lemon rind
ground cinnamon

Boil the rice in salted water for 10 minutes. Warm the milk with the cinnamon stick and a few strips of lemon rind. Strain the rice and add the warm milk and simmer until rice is cooked.
Add the sugar and butter and continue cooking for another 10 minutes.
Beat the egg yolks in a cup and add a bit of the warm rice mixture, mix well and add to the pan.
Remove the lemon rind and cinnamon stick and add some grated lemon rind.
Simmer for a 2 or 3 minutes stirring continuously.
Pour into a shallow platter or into individual bowls. Decorate with ground cinnamon and enjoy!!

                                               * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Because I wanted to use the 1lt milk I doubled the recipe, but not the sugar or eggs - I just used 200gr sugar  and just the 3 egg yolks.
It´s great to be eaten the same day when it´s creamier, as it dries out a little bit the next day.
I´m very fond of puddings, more than cakes actually, so any excuse to make a pudding or sweet thing for dinner is a good excuse.
So give this recipe a try this weekend, I promise you will love it.

Rice has just been added to the warm milk with cinnamon and lemon rind
Anyone want to taste?


  1. This looks delicious and it's the kind of dessert my husband would love - I will try it soon!

  2. My hubby loves Rice pudding, but I've never had any success making it :( Your puds looks great!
    Here in Portugal I never seem to be able to choose the correct type of rice.

  3. Hi Piglet, try using the "Arroz Carolino" short roundish grain,as it is more glutinous when cooking.
    That is the best for any dish that you want a moist rice.

  4. I love how creative you were with the cinnamon designs!

  5. Lovely light - it´s quite typical of the Rice pudding to be decorated with cinnamon, if served at a wedding reception it would have the bride and groom´s initials for example...

  6. Oh I made it! and it was SO yummy! even hubby had seconds and he doesn't like rice pudding ;)
    But I have no idea how you managed to make the canela look so gorgeous and artistic on the top though - mine got shamelessly chucked over the pud - but it still tasted FAB!
    thanks for another great recipe
    PS - I'm going on a diet soon hee hee

  7. That´s lovely Alyson. With this recipe the rice usually comes out quite moist and creamy, which is just so yummy! I have the cinnamon in a little bottle and just sprinkle it in whatever shape, by shaking it slowly.
    You can also use cookie cutters dipped in cinnamon and then gently put it over the rice.

  8. Hi Sami,

    Aly sent your recipe to me, as I'm an English expat living in Portugal and experimenting with cooking Portuguese recipes. Please may I reproduce your recipe on my blog ( if I put a link in to your original recipe?

    Best wishes,



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