Thursday, 15 September 2011


       ARE YOU OK?    

Today, 15th September 2011 is RUOK day. 

This initiative was started in 2009 and aims to prevent depression and suicide, by encouraging Australians to connect with someone they care about and to help stop little problems turning into big ones.

The aim is to get everyone across the country to ask family, friends and colleagues: "Are you ok?"
A couple of weeks ago at the clinic we received RUOK cards with the above logo and a message prompting people to ask questions and help people open up and unburden themselves. 
Feeling isolated or hopeless is a contributor to depression and mental illnesses which can result in suicide, so having regular conversations with the people we care about can protect them.

Although I´m not a very talkative person, I do try to communicate with the patients and when I see someone coming out of the doctor´s rooms with tears in their eyes, with whom they have obviously been unburdening their problems, I give them a smile or touch their hand. Probably not enough, but I don´t really know these people personally, and a roomful of people is not the right place for them to open up.
I have been lucky enough not have personally known anyone who has committed suicide, but know it can be a devastating event for the family left behind.
Most people when asked if they are ok, respond "Yes" even though they might be suffering, sometimes it takes more than that simple question for them to open up. All they need is someone to listen to them, you don´t need to offer solutions, just a friendly ear and a hug.
A conversation could change a life!  (go to link to see how to start a RUOK conversation)

When someone asks you “RUOK?” … 

what’s your answer going to be?


  1. Thank you. I am sure that your kindness at the doctor's office helps more people than you realise.

  2. Thank you Elephant´s child, I try, but I think I will try harder after all the things I have been reading regarding this very important post by the blogging community.


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