Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I had a day off work today, and had the weather been nice and sunny the plan was to go to Kings Park (Botanic gardens) to see the wild spring flowers and then go to Ikea, a bit further north from where I live.
Unfortunately the past few days we´ve had rain and more rain, so when I woke up today and the skies were once again grey I had to change my plans and just went to Ikea.
I had to get a few things to finish off the laundry cupboards such as door handles, like the ones we used in the kitchen units and door hinges.
But of course I don´t need an excuse to go to Ikea, I love to just look around, to get ideas for decoration, to look at their cool storage ideas...
I took a few photos of bathroom stuff, as our next project will be our 
tiny en-suite renovation.

I had also been wanting to buy a kitchen stool - "Urban" - that I had previously seen on display but it was out of stock on my last visit, and today they had it. I think it goes very well with our kitchen island.

Isn´t this stool elegant?
After putting together the stool , I decided it was time to use up the lemons I had been collecting over the last few days, lemons that had fallen to the grass due to the rain and wind.
Some were badly bruised, so they went straight to the bin, but others were good enough for juicing.
Out came my food processor that has a citrus juicer attachment, I cut the lemons in half and juiced enough lemons to fill 3 glass bottles.

 I also zested 15 lemons to make Limoncello Liqueur as well, so another use for the lemons was found.
I´m not a drinker at all, but I´m quite partial to a sweet liqueur, so I can just imagine a nice shot of ice cold Limoncello in summer will go quite well after a nice meal.

Limoncello Liqueur

Zest of 15 lemons, 1, 700ml bottle of vodka, 2,5 cups water, 2 cups sugar
Pour the vodka in a jar with the lemon zest and keep in a cool dark place for about 10 days. 
Boil the water with sugar until it is thick and syrupy. 
When cool add to the jar and wait for another 10 days. Then pour through a sieve to discard the peel and pour into jars. Keep in the fridge, as it´s always best served cold.

I will let you know how it tastes when it´s ready!!

Plenty of lemons to be juiced

Lemon juice and at far end the jar with the Vodka and lemon zest for Limoncello


  1. uh - oh! I'm in trouble now!
    you've posted about two of my favourite things - Ikea and Limoncello - whoever thought they would go together so well ;)
    although I have to admit that linking them too closely might be a problem - try to build the Ikea furniture BEFORE drinking the Limoncello!!! ;)
    Our house looks remarkably like an Ikea showroom - I love it!
    the stool fits really well too - good buy!

  2. I agree, first assemble the furniture, then drink the limoncello! I´m a great Ikea fan too, in fact I should have put that on my abc´s. I just went there yesterday again to order a new mattress for our bed, and a sofa bed for the guest bedroom, as we are expecting visitors in the next couple of months. Except for the sofas our apartment in Lisbon was totally Ikea too.


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