Saturday, 17 September 2011

Four Birthdays for Three Cats

In the box inside the house where I put them at 2 days old

Mommy feeding some of the kittens (the dark on in front is our Twiggy)

Venturing out into the world outside the box!

The whole bunch sleeping on our (former) horrible lounge carpet

Aren´t we a cute trio?  These 3 were adopted

I´m not the type of person who celebrates the birthdays of my pets, I usually never knew when they were born anyway!
But I know exactly when our 3 younger cats were born - 4 years ago on 17th September 2007 (They were 8 of them then). Click on above link to read the post on how our family adopted these cats.
It was then a cold rainy day and they were born under some bushes by my son´s bedroom window, and a few days later I brought them all in and housed them in a box with some blankets.
This is just a reason to post a few pictures of my cats, and show you how cute they were.
Well, all baby animals are cute, not just my kittens.
They will just be getting their normal cat biscuits, and some lactose free milk that they love, no special treats for them, they won´t know the difference...


  1. Oh Sami, I want all three of the lighter coloured ones. They are so cute. And fluffy. Hopefully they are still good looking at 4yrs old.

  2. Oh, so cute!!! I welcome any excuse to see cute cat pictures and their birthday is an excellent one.

    Also I love your (new?) background on your blog - I often just read in RSS so not sure how long it's been there, but looks great.

  3. The 3 cream kittens and the beautiful grey one, plus an orange kitten were all given to adoptive parents, we kept the orange male and 2 of the dark ones. The dark one weren´t too pretty that´s why they didn´t get adopted so we had to keep them, the orange Fluffy is beautiful.

  4. Thanks Amanda, the background has been there for a couple of weeks, I keep on testing new things...


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