Sunday, 22 November 2015

World of Food Festival 2015 and a visit to the Governor's House

So much happening around Perth around this time of the year, I wish I could clone myself to attend all these interesting functions...
Even though it was as hot as yesterday, we still went to the World of Food Festival being held from 11am to 3pm, at the Government House Gardens, and met up with some friends.

There were about 35 stands with food from around the world, but our first port of call was the Portuguese stand. Then we had dessert from the French stand and the Dutch stand too.

There was also a small stage showcasing some entertainers - singers and dancers - from various countries.
Some of the food stands with Government house at the back

The Portuguese stand
Some older Portuguese men playing and singing traditional songs
Malasyan dancers on stage
We chose a shady spot facing the lakes and fountains down below to sit down and eat our meal and have a chat with some friends.

Our view of the gardens, lakes and fountains from our sitting area

At around 12,45h I heard someone announce that the Government House was open until 1pm. Since the house is only opened in special occasions, I jumped at the idea of visiting it of course!
Building of this heritage listed house was started in 1859 and completed in 1863.
Situated right in the center of Perth in St. George's Terrace, and is surrounded by 3,2 hectares of beautiful gardens. The house has 16 rooms on the ground floor and 25 rooms on the first floor. Just last week it hosted Prince Charles and Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall on their visit to Perth.
Only some of the rooms in the ground floor could be visited, but I really enjoyed seeing the interior.

The gardens are usually opened to visitors on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's between 12noon and 2pm, so you can take your picnic and enjoy the views.

Government house and some the the city's skyscrapers. The one to the left is the Perth city council
The grand ball room
Executive Council Room with pictures of former WA Governors
The grand dining room
In the Music/Drawing room stood a recent photo of Camilla and Charles
The ornate staircase leasing to the first floor, with a massive stained glass window
The swimming pool on the South side of the house
The Swan Bell Tower in the distance, as seen from the gardens

Hope you enjoyed the visit to the Governor's house and the massive gardens.
They are so well looked after, they must have loads of dedicated gardeners...
I think I will have to take my Christmas visitors there for a peep!


  1. It really is a beautiful old building Sami and the gardens so green and lush. Aimee and I went in a few years ago, so interesting to see. You're not wrong about everything happening in Perth, so many festivals and events I'm really not even going to try and get to them all :)

    1. You're right Grace, too much to see...Perth is no longer dull!

  2. Wow.
    So much to see!
    That´s so nice, Sami, sitting here on a grey, cold afternoon! There was even snow when I was out and about, so I really do enjoy the view of those gardens - and that impressive interior of Governor's house.
    The pool could be larger, no? ;-)
    Home-food must be good for your soul, I reckon. It´s "Death-Sunday" today and, my, do I miss my Mum´s food...

    1. Yes, the pool must be a later addition, but it is small for the size of the house.
      Yes I love eating Portuguese food.

  3. Nunca vi danças malaias - deve ser muito bonito. :-)
    Gostei muito da escadaria e dos jardins da Casa do Governador.
    Que bom que puderam visitar!
    Bom Domingo! :-)

    1. Obrigada Sandra, gostei imenso de visitar a casa do Governador, nunca la tinha ido desde que ca estou ha quase 9 anos.


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