Wednesday, 18 November 2015

NEIL you still ROCK

On Monday 16th, hubby and I went to see Neil Diamond at Perth Arena.

We took the train to the city (transport is included in the ticket price) and we saw hundreds of "oldies" on the train and joked that we were probably the youngest oldies there.

From Perth Central station it's a 5 minute walk to Perth Arena, and upon arrival we once again noticed it was mostly an older crowd queuing up to go inside.

Neil Diamond was very much part of our musical culture and he's also one of my husband's favourite singers.

The stage with lit up with a diamond shape from which he emerged.

Neil Diamond emerging from the Diamond

He joked that he had last been in Perth for a concert in 1976 and that Perth had only 1 building then, but it has grown a lot and was a beautiful city.

Almost 2 hours of non-stop singing from his old favourites to a few songs from his newest album from 2014, from which he sang "The art of love" (below from YouTube).

I loved "Brooklyn Roads" about his childhood and with background pictures taken by his Dad.

Singing Brooklyn roads

The audience loved when he played "Red, red Wine" and stood up to accompany him.
After almost 2 hours he introduced us to his 13 men (11 men, 2 women) band, thanked the audience and left the stage.
Hardly anyone moved and they all clapped and cheered and whistled....
He came back to sing another 3 songs, the second of which was "Sweet Caroline" for which the audience once again stood up and accompanied the chorus.

He didn't disappoint and although he's 74 he's still charming and still has that unmistakable beautiful voice.
We loved the concert!
My husband and I (photo taken by the people sitting next to us)

Listen to "The Art of Love" from Neil Diamond's 2014 album (from Youtube), a really beautiful song.



  1. Wow! Such a rush of memories came flooding over me just by reading your post! Neil Diamond is certainly one of the best!!! Love his music! Thanks for the memories!!!

    1. Thanks for your visit Carol. Glad I was able to bring back good memories, he's a great singer indeed!

  2. Dearest Sami,
    Well, you two got so lucky for being at his show! WOW, I loved that guy in his younger years and for sure he still has a lot going right now.
    Thanks for sharing; fond memories.

    1. Thanks Mariette, he's still going strong! He was quite a heartthrob in his younger days.

  3. Amazing at 74 still singing all his songs. I always loved his songs and his voice. Lucky you to see him alive!

    1. Thanks Marianne, I bought tickets to his concert in March this year, as soon as I heard he was coming!

  4. I think I have been to three of his concerts, twice with my parents and once with my mother in law. He is an amazing performer. Glad you had a great time with your husband.

    1. Great! This was my first Neil Diamond concert, lucky you! Thanks for your visit Stacy.

  5. Fantastic Sami. The Arena is such a great venue for overseas artists, it's like Perth's Opera House :)

    1. Quite true Grace, it seems to get a lot of use, as there's a lot of overseas artists playing there nowadays.


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