Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sunday Photo - Paris

My heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of terrorist attacks around the world  - the latest one on Friday 13th in Paris.

The day before there had been an attack in Beirut, Istanbul is October, Cairo in August, Kenia in April ...

It's shocking how the world is changing so drastically due to radicalism!

We have to hope for a better future.

"I don't think there's greater respect than crying for someone you haven't met" -  Jose Saramago.

November 2011 (on my last visit to Paris when my daughter  was living there)
Council House, Perth lit up with the French flag colours  (photo from the net)


  1. Yes. Sadly it´s pretty much we can do, hope.
    And cut down our freedom - I will not join larger concerts or similar events, so in the short run terrorists sure do win.
    Police is trying to stop radical islamic men from "collecting" Syrian young boys, who just went through the terrors of war to get here.
    I really fail to understand the whole idea of Islam, I wonder why so many women here seemingly agree with the rules. Are they all brain-washed, I wonder? They see our life-style, the freedom we have...
    Let´s hope this craziness finds an end soon.

    1. I wonder too why they don't want the freedom we have...

  2. It was a weekend full of horror and sadness. So many lives lost for what? So cruel those people just only want to destroy everything beautiful, joy, happiness and love for what? A crazy ideology?

    1. Many horror days this year, very sad that in the 21st century there's still no peace!

  3. Uma bonita e sentida homenagem, Sami.
    Gostei muito também da fotografia - dá força à célebre frase do filme Casablanca.

    1. Obrigada Sandra. A foto foi tirada numa visita a Paris para visitar a minha filha que la vivia na altura, em Novembro 2011.


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