Saturday, 28 November 2015

Weekend Projects IV - telephone table to coffee table

Telephone table to Coffee table - Before and After
I had previously shown you this South African yellow wood telephone table we had in our entrance hall before it got replaced by an Ikea Besta unit. 
We've had this little piece of furniture for over 20 years and even though I didn't want to get rid of it, it was in need of an overhaul...

The unit in the entrance hall

I started by removing the top part that was just glued with wood glue, then I filled in the holes and sanded the whole unit. Because the filler was white in brown unit, I had to sand and sand and sand before eventually the unit could be painted.
I then spray painted it with a glossy white pain with a paint gun.

Sanding and sanding and sanding...

It now has a new visual and serves as a coffee table in the sitting room, while the former table has gone to the patio.

New visual - coffee table

The coffee table in my African style living room

I have thought about screwing a wooden top to the table in a way that would still enable us to open that door flap (where I can keep my winter sofa blankets) in the style used nowadays (see photo below), as well as making it fit in better with other surrounding furniture in the dining room and TV room that are darker wood, but that's a project for a later date. Right now it stays as is! 

White table with wooden top

I've already mounted my Christmas tree and put up a few other decorations through the house. 
I usually do my tree in the first few days of December, but my parents and a friend are arriving from Portugal on Wednesday 2nd and then we're off on a short holiday with them to the south of Western Australia on the 4th, so no time to do it later!
Still time to wrap the presents before they arrive...


  1. Wow, it makes a huge difference - the ever sanding sure was worth it! A wooden top would suit well, too.
    No Christmas tree over here - unless we again find one abandoned on the street!
    Sounds like you´ll have a great time ahead, wishing you heaps of fun - hope you take a camera :-)

    1. Thanks Iris, I also think it would look better with a wooden top. Yes, the camera will certainly go with me! My Dad is also a keen photographer with a fancy camera so I cam also use his photos...

  2. I think a wooden top makes it more like a table, but you did a great job. Have a nice time with your Portugese family and friends coming over all the way to Australia.

    1. Thank you Marianne. It will be lovely to have family and friends around for Christmas!
      I'll put a wooden top eventually, once I have more time...

  3. I think I agree with Iris and Marianne, when you get time a wooden top would just finish your new coffee table off. Have a wonderful time with your family Sami, I'm pretty excited also, my son and family arrive on the 18th for two weeks, can't wait to get my hands on Pax :)

    1. Thanks Grace, will be done! That's great that your family is coming over too. Enjoy your time together.


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