Sunday, 20 September 2015

Weekend Projects II and Bird's Nests

Another lovely weekend and a few more projects ticked off the long list!
I started by cutting some ground cover I have in the back garden to plant in the front garden on a side strip next to a neighbour's grass weeds.
I don't really know the name of the plant but the botanical name is "Aptenia Cordifolia", a fast growing succulent used as ground cover, with tiny pink flowers. 
It can be a bit invasive and grows very quickly, but I needed some softening of the edges next to the dark gravel. We still need to put a border between the gardens so the grass/weeds don't cross over.

The pavers at the end near the road are for the rubbish bins

Next, an indoor job - I took the plastic vents for the evaporative air-con from the ceiling. 
Plastic usually turns this drab dirty cream...
I washed them with soapy water to remove the dust, dried them and then spray painted them using "Rust-Oleum Paint + Primer"in Flat white. 
These vents always stood out in the white ceiling, even though the ceilings still need painting too.

From cream to white 

While painting outdoors I spotted a Willie wagtail  flying from the fence to under our former clothes dryer, now used with a shade cloth over to protect the veggie patch.
When I looked I spotted a beautiful round nest. Later I approached the nest to take a photo and the wagtail came flying to the fence shrieking and suddenly another one came flying to the fence too - the partner - they pair for life you know!  I love the Wagtails, they are so playful and friendly. I later saw it picking up some twigs from the garden for the nest. They apparently use spider webs to weave their nests together, how clever is that?

The lovely round nest - babies should come along by December

The Wagtail couple sitting on the fence close to the nest
This dove's nest on the lemon tree is so untidy and flimsy compared to the Wagtail's nest

After all this workout we decided to go out to dinner at Crown Casino where I hadn't been in ages.
Our choice of Chinese wasn't a great one, I think it's the use of MSG that makes me sick and soon after dinner I was bloated and nauseous and after a short walk around the machines we came home.


My husband cut the bush just outside our lounge window that was blocking our view of the park across the road. Now we have a view again!

We have a view of the park again!

I put together an Ikea Besta unit, so that my husband could hang it on the wall later on.
We had an old fashioned telephone table that was a bit too wide for our narrow entry-hall, so after searching for something suitable I settled on the 40cm wide Besta.
After trying to work out how the rail system worked, the unit was finally attached.
The mirror above was now offside, and I might actually put it vertically instead of horizontally. Still thinking about it... 
The doors are also not in yet, and I'm considering if I should rather put 4 drawers instead of 2 shelves and doors or even leave it open just as it is now.  
It also needs a glass to protect it, sold at Ikea, but my cart was too full already and I feared the glass would break, so another visit to Ikea is on the cards.
Then styling the table...a new rug...
Decisions, decisions...

Our old telephone table had a fold down flap where I kept small blankets to wrap up in winter when we sit in the lounge

Looking in from the front door

A floating unit will give a sense of a bigger area hopefully
Did you like my projects?
Hope you've had a lovely weekend too. Have a wonderful week.


  1. Love the IKEA unit! And yes, I would hang the mirror virtically! Your garden looks lovely too and I'm sure those birds love living in it!! Miguel and I also did a bit of redecorating this weekend. We bought a new duvet cover, something lighter and more feminine than the one we had (I won the battle...he wanted grey and black bold stripes...I bought white with lace 😀😃 ) and changed the mat in our living room. Keep reading your blog. ❤💋

    1. Thanks Celeste, I also thought vertically would be nicer. It's lovely to redecorate, even if just something simple can makes us happier and more comfortable.

  2. Wow, you´re really a crafts-woman! Great jobs! Wouldn´t you like to come over? Our bathroom could need you!
    And weee. IKEA is on tomorrow on my side as well. A tad different, though.
    I haven´t been there in ages, sadly, and it´s actually just around the corner more or less.
    Awwww, the Willie wagtails are very cute birds for sure. Spider webs, that is... nothing It´s expected!

    1. If you pay for the flight I'll go there and redecorate for you Iris. Joking...
      Enjoy your Ikea visit tomorrow. I could spend days at Ikea, every time I go my feet hurt by the time I leave...

  3. It seems like the birds are busy making their nests outside - and you are busy decorating your nest inside! Fun pictures! Your house is going to look very nice! - and yes!...vertical on the mirror! :)

    1. Thanks J, vertical it will be!! We have loads of birds in our garden at the moment, I love watching them.

  4. Hi Sami - what a busy little Bee you've been. Spray painting the vents is genius! How lucky are you to live opposite a park? Your new Ikea unit is looking good, I love the way things 'float' these days, You've enough lemons for lemon curd!!
    Have a lovely week
    Wren x

    1. Thanks Wren, I had never thought of spray painting them until recently when I noticed there was spray paint that could adhere to plastic, metal, etc. Bingo!!
      I do enjoy living across from a park, even though we don't have little kids, maybe one day will be good for the grandkids. I haven't had time to make lemon curd yet, I've been taking lemons to work for the patients to take home.

  5. I admire all your projects, can't you come over to me some time? The birdsnest is so wonderful made by the couple a real nest. Indeed much more comfortable then the dove's one ha,ha.

    1. Will you pay the flight Marianne? I enjoy decorating, sometime's I get lazy, but once in a while I get fired up and decide to do a whole lot of things!
      That nest is so amazing and comfortable, the dove's nest really is weird.

  6. Well done Sami you're putting me to shame :) I'm thinking I might have a break this weekend and get some things done around the house and garden. Still got half the house to paint! Does your husband hate going to IKEA as much as mine, you'd think I was asking him to shop in hell :) :)

    1. LOL, my husband hates any shopping! I'm the only one that goes to Ikea or shopping centres (these I don't enjoy that much). He went to Ikea a couple of months ago and within 30min he was feeling out of breath, had to go out for some fresh air. We still have our ceilings to paint since we bought the house 8 years ago and half the doors are in need of a second coat of paint still...

  7. Wow, what a weekend. You got more accomplished than I did all week. Of course, I was at my friend's house, so I was working there, too. I like that new floating wall, and I also like the Wagtails. They are cute. I'd never heard of them, nor did I know they mated for life.

    You are lucky to have a hubby who is willing to help with the yard work. I have two cats and they don't go outside (grin). Bleubeard used to, buy he's getting to an age where I don't want him out, and Squiggles has NEVER been outside, except when I brought him home in a box from the pet store.

    I like the look of the park across from you, and I especially like the look of your home. Very lovely in fact.

    1. The wagtails are very cute birds, called that because they dance around, they're very playful.
      My husband is quite a good handyman and we've done quite a lot of remodelling around the house due to that. My cats go out during the day when we're home, when I leave for work they stay indoors and they also sleep indoors at night. But I know that's it's better for cats to stay indoors...


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