Saturday 26 September 2015

The Show must go on!

For the first time since I've been in Perth we visited the Perth Royal Show today.
It's one of Western Australia's longest standing community event attracting over 400,000 people. It first started as an Annual fair and cattle show in 1834 in Guildford and then moved to the Claremont showgrounds in 1904.

It started today and runs until the 3rd of October and is open from 9am to 9pm every day and all major attractions are free
With about 300 performances and 100 hours of entertainment a day, it's good value. 
Entry costs $29 per adult with various other prices for families, children, etc, but you can get a reduced fee ticket if you buy them at the IGA supermarkets, the biggest sponsor of the event, where they cost $25.

From flower arranging, cake decorating, horse shows, pig-diving, dog and cat shows, petting farms, sheep-shearing, crafts, sheep-dog challenge, etc., you can find it all at this show.
Side-show alley - Amusement rides and games are the only things you have to pay for. 
And food of course - there's plenty of food choices from the tasty to the plain blahhh.

We enjoyed our 5 hours of walking around, saw many things and didn't see many others of course, but overall the impression was good.
I had been to similar fairs in Portugal but on a much smaller scale, so after 5 hours it was time to leave, and I was sorry not to stay until the end when they have a fireworks display.

My favourites were the Cake Decorating Pavilion - wow there's a lot of very talented people, and then the City Farmer's Pavilion (a pet and garden supplies warehouse) where I got to pet some lovely animals. Goats and sheep were walking around freely, and there was an enclosure where a farmer who has 400 animals had a few of them all together and they all got along with each other - from cats to dogs, to pigeons and chickens, rabbits and hamsters. Loved it!!  I'll leave photos of my favourites for tomorrow... For now hope you enjoy this small sample of my visit (and over 200 photos).

We're enjoying a long weekend (Queen's Birthday on Monday) so Sunday and Monday will be spent doing our jobs around the house...

Flowers on show

Colourful cows on parade
dog training, horse show, rock climbing and vintage car

Pig running and diving (first photo, the tiny presenter and singer)

Evening views of the Amusement rides


  1. Very neat event! Your photos are lovely. :)

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  2. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! Love the cows :-)
    I only saw one IGA, I think it was in Mt Lawley where we were looking for the Frida-mural.

    1. The painted cows were funny. A few years ago there was a "cow parade" in a town near Margaret River with lots and lots of them painted by various artists. I must look for those photos.
      There are IGA's in lots of suburbs, before shopping hours were "opened" to what they are nowadays, IGA was the only supermarket open till 9pm.

  3. A great overview and photos of the show Sami! I haven't been for a few years but when I go my favourite thing to do is to see the baby animals - particularly the squealing piglets! Nothing cuter!! I also love the craft and cake pavilions. When I was a teenager of course it was all about side-show alley and I have many great memories from those days!

    1. I saw the kids and teens going crazy in the amusement park and the show bags, I'm a scary cat so I won't go on any of those rides... Of course the piglets were cute, there was a huge sow feeding about 10 piglets all fighting each other for some milk. So cute!

  4. This is a big event I see. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Sami
    Your show looks wonderful and great value :) Love your bright, happy photos of your day. We had our Melbourne Show on last week, my commute home on Friday the trains were awash with small kids and very large show bags :) Enjoy your long weekend we have a holiday on Friday due to a certain Grand Final - go Hawks :)
    Wren x

    1. Show bags - the kids love them and I saw some of them were quite expensive going up to $300! Crazy!! A holiday for the footy, how about that. sorry I have to go for the West coast eagles, since my Fremantle dockers didn't make it...

  6. Quando passo por aqui, fico sempre com a sensação que a Austrália é um país muito animado. :-)
    Muita coisa gira sempre a acontecer.

    1. Concordo Sandra, os Australianos sao divertidos e tem um sentido de humor fabuloso. Apesar de Perth ate ser considerada uma cidade muito pacata e "boring" pelo habitantes da costa oposta (do Este) acho que ha imensa coisa para nos divertirmos.


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