Wednesday, 2 September 2015

First day of Spring - Kings Park

It felt a bit more like a Winter's windy day, but today was the first day of Spring!
Apparently this week a cold front is passing through Perth and next week the weather will start to get warmer again.

Today, the month long Kings Park Spring Festival started, this year celebrating it's 52nd anniversary, while the Botanic Gardens celebrates it's 50th anniversary.

I'll leave you with just a few photos of the hundreds I took.
I'll certainly go back for some of the events planned for this colourful season - music, talks, plants sale, seminars, etc.

The great Boab dressed in the Aboriginal flag colours
This year there are a few dressed tree trunks, and the one above is the show stopper -
this eucalypt tree was planted by Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II on her visit to Perth in March 1954, and now it was dressed with a white ball gown, a blue sash, long gloves on two of it's branches and a crown further up the trunk. Cute isn't it?
The Queens tree with the War Memorial at the end, and further behind you can see a sliver of the Swan River

More colourful tree trunks

Wattle trees
Bracteantha (straw flower)

The "Bella Umbrellas" is another playful addition adorning the entrance to "Aspects of Kings Park" gift shop, right next to the Visitor's Information centre.

Hope you enjoyed the short visit and I'll bring you some more Spring beauties soon.


  1. The first pic left me puzzled at first... black, red, gold... ;-)
    Love all the dressed up trees - and the umbrellas! Such creative, colorful ideas!
    Yes, please, let posts on this festival coming!

    1. I loved the umbrellas too and the Queen's tree. Every year they display something different...

  2. I like that ballroom dressed tree, amazing funny! And the umbrellas are so colourful, very nice festival.

    1. Thanks Marianne, I loved the ballroom dressed tree too. It's a wonderful festival with lots of activities, I wish I had more time to participate in lots of them!

  3. Dearest Sami,
    Wow, what an interesting spring festival at King's Park!
    You got some very unusual varieties of trees and being dressed up even more special looking.
    Are those yellow flowers on the wattle tree?
    Sending you hugs,

    1. The one with lots of yellows flowers is a Wattle, the other with the corn-cob like flowers is a Banksia.

  4. Super shots from the spring flower festival Sami, love the umbrellas. Looks so different this year. Will have to try and get up there with Aimee.

    1. It's amazing what they do there every year, lots of imagination is needed to give us a "new show" every year.

  5. Fabulous shots Sami! I can't wait to go check this out :)

  6. I love the yarn bombing! I thought that first one was a German flag. ;-)

    1. No, it does look like it though, but it's the Aboriginal flag.


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