Monday, 28 September 2015

The show must go on II

As promised on yesterday's post, I said I would post some photos of my favourite things seen at this year's Perth Royal Show, so here they are!

The Cake decorating Pavilion was amazing and I could hardly believe there are people who craft these masterpieces out of icing sugar and marzipan.

I must apologize for the terrible photos - I took a camera with 2 lenses, and didn't realize until I put the small lens on that I had taken a lens that had a problem instead of taking the lens that I bought to replace the close-up pictures had to be taken with my mobile, while holding my bag, jacket, other they are all a bit wobbly.

First prize was the top left - a pink vase with orchids (all in sugar)

A tribute to the 100th Anzac anniversary, a couple of wedding cakes and a  Pelican cake
A purple and black wedding cake

Can't you believe this "Lilly Garden" of Monet was reproduced in 16 tiles made with sugar mediums (all edible) and even the frame is made out of sugar!
It won first prize in August at the Australian National Cake Decorator's Association seminar.

Monet's Lilly garden

Milking station - showing kids how where milk comes from
In the "Walk Through WA (Western Australia) Pavilion" , the various regions of our state was portrayed showing their different characteristics and climates and their specific products ranging from fruit and vegetables, dairy products, wines, cattle and mining.
Interesting way to get to know the state without leaving Perth!

I learned that 36% of WA is covered by "Cattle Stations", most of them bigger than many European countries. The world's largest is actually in the State of South Australia - Anna Creek Station.  A Station is a large piece of land used for livestock production - the reason why these stations need to be big is because the continent is so dry and vegetation sparse, that a large amount of land is required for the cattle to graze.

Another interesting tidbit is that the Great Northern Highway, which stretches 3,200km is the longest highway in Australia and links Perth with Wyndham, which is WA's northernmost port city.
Walk through Western Australia - a showcase of the various areas - agriculture, mining, cattle...
A huge sow with 10 piglets fighting over each other for her milk

The Cat Pavilion was of course another favourite - a lot of these show cats had won prizes.
Some were just adorable, some slept unaware of all the fuss over them, other hid behind curtains in their cage probably wary of all the strange people and noise...

All the adorable cats

Our last visit was to the "City Farmers" (pet food warehouse) Animal Nursery  and I'm glad I visited it as it was my favourite!

Some of the animals roamed free like goats and sheep, a calf... others were in enclosures such as horses, donkeys, a dog with a litter of puppies, chickens, rabbits... various doves were flying around as well.
A farmer said he had a farm with 400 animals and some of those were there on the show with him - he had 2 pretty grey cats who just lay there looking at the birds and chickens without any fuss.
He had a huge white cat that would jump on his chest when he called the cat by patting his chest.  All the animals seemed to get on with each other, which was amazing to see.

The fluffiest rabbit, a horse (can you see the white cat on the bottom shelf?) and birds, one of the grey cats on his post and tiny chicks.

Goats and sheep, a dog with his puppies, me standing by a calf, donkey and horse

It was a great day, a bit tiring with many hours walking around, but certainly enjoyable!
But I think I'll have to return next year to get better pictures of all this cuteness don't you think?


  1. I love the Pelican cake - reminds me of Monkey Mia!
    Purple and black for a wedding cake? Emo? The Lilly Garden is fab, too!
    Yes, the sizes are different to Europe! Wyndham, awww. I went to the hospital there in 1999 cause by back/liver (?) hurt badly. The lonely planet said it´s $35 before the doc looks at you. They checked me well, it was my back, I paid nothing and the doc told me where to go for an adenture, too. Sweet memories...
    One day... when there is time and space, I´ll have cat(s), too!
    Yes, sad the pics are blurry - but I get the idea :-)
    Sounds like a lot of fun for you!

    1. Very nice of the Dr in Wyndham giving you a free consultation and free travel advice too.
      It was fun even if a bit tiring. Don't know about the purple and black cake, maybe someone who loves those colours...

  2. I havent been to the Royal Show in sooooo long! Looks like you had a great time - its truly incredible what some people can create out of icing and fondant huh?

    1. I agree Aimee, very talented cake decorators.

  3. What a lovely show to visit, you must have been exhousted when visiting all the different areas. Thanks for all the pictures you showed us.

    1. Thanks Marianne, a bit tiring all that walking... Thanks for visiting.

  4. Dearest Sami,
    That was quite an event and great opportunity for photos!
    One hardly can believe the artistic cake workings! Let's hope they all used the healthy, natural food coloring...
    Love those animals and we as humans could learn a lesson or two about how to get along so well.
    Sending you hugs for a happy week ahead.

    1. Those animals were amazing. Thanks Mariette, how you had a great Weekend too.

  5. Fiquei impressionada com a reprodução do quadro de Monet. Mereceu o prémio.

    1. Obrigada Sandra, realmente e outra obra de arte!

  6. What a fantastic post Sami!! You've really captured the spirit of the show! Love Monet's garden cake - it is amazing how clever some people are. Love the piglets too! I would have loved to have visited all those pavilions but I didn't factor a visit to the show into my schedule this year unfortunately. I forgot about it until it was already here!

    1. Thanks Wendy, it was my first visit ever, so everything was new to me and I wish I had planned it better, but I didn't have a map of the attractions to plan ahead. There's always so much going on that it's difficult to do it all on the weekends... Have a lovely weekend!


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