Sunday 8 January 2012

Movie night in Northbridge

Last night we went to the movies!
After reading Grace´s blog about Cinema Paradiso in James Street in Northbridge, I managed to convince my husband to go watch "The women of the 6th floor" a French romance/comedy about the Spanish maids working for rich French families in the 60´s.
Outdoor entertainment are in James Street, Northbridge
It has been ages since I last went to Northbridge, the center of Perth's entertainment and night life.
I have mainly avoided it, because it's reported by the Press as being a dangerous suburb at night with drunken, rowdy youngsters (and maybe not so young) coming out of the discos and clubs and getting into fights. I know the Police are always present in big numbers at night to prevent such incidents.
But I must say even though we left the movie house at 11pm, the place was quite orderly, and I didn't see any strange behaviour.
We walked along James Street and then turned into an alley full of Chinese restaurants, part of Perth´s Chinatown area, and sat down for a bowl of Seafood rice.
We had parked our car at the "City of Perth Parking - Roe St car park" and from the 6th floor you can admire the view of the city centre on one side and of James St and Northbridge on the other side - which we did when we went to get our car on our way home. 
We even saw some youngsters with their car parked in the middle of the now empty 6th floor, lying over sleeping bags and having a picnic. Strange place for a picnic, when they could be sitting in a nicer spot for free, instead of paying hourly parking fees. They must have a different idea of the ideal picnic spot!!

So, apart from the movie that we enjoyed, the parking lot view was a lovely end to our visit to Northbridge, don´t you think?
As we left the parking lot just metres ahead the Police booze bus awaited the drivers along Roe st. There were two lanes, one was directed to the "firing line" where they would blow the balloon, the other was free to go. The police must have seen that two middle aged people weren´t their target market, so we were waved by. My husband hadn´t drunk anything anyway...

Inside the lobby of Cinema Paradiso

Chinatown  - the city buildings across (pity the rubbish bins next to the pillars)

Chinatown alley full of restaurants
View to the city from the parking garage - the railway line divides the centre from Northbridge

View of James st, from the parking garage (the entertainment area in a previous photo is shown here from the top)
Police booze bus in Roe st, Northbridge


  1. Excellent shots Sami, you didn't say whether you enjoyed the movie or not, it had a bit of a weird ending, but was quite enjoyable. What did your husband think, you're lucky, I couldn't get mine to go haha!

  2. I enjoyed the movie, but also thought there should be a little more to the end. My husband is not really the lovey dovey movie type, he prefers fighting, and lots of blood,but he didn´t mind accompanying me and also liked it.


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