Tuesday, 17 June 2014

CEO sleepout in Perth

We are 17 days into winter and today it really felt like winter!
Rain, rain and more rain, cold and storms in certain areas of our Western Australian state with winds up to 100km/hour. Luckily I think Perth will be spared the winds!

This Thursday 19th of June, various CEO's of high profile companies  all around Australia will be sleeping on the streets, to raise awareness to the plight of the homeless and to raise funds for this cause at the same time.

The son of a good friend of ours - Jose Granado, will be one of the Perth CEO's participating, and he started with a target of getting $5.000 in donations, and this kept on increasing and he is now just short of $10.000 at this moment...
Even Malcolm Turnbull, one Australia's members of Parliament is participating!

With the help of these influential leaders of our communities and the help of the public, we can fight homelessness together!

More than 100 thousand Australians are homeless, just short of half of them are women and a quarter are under 18. 

If you would like to find out more go to this link - and you can check out who is participating in all of the States.

In Perth, the CEO's sleep at one of the sports Stadiums. 
The weather prediction for Thursday is max. 23C and min. 13C (not too bad!) and 50% chance of rain.
Hope they raise loads of money and that eventually homelessness is wiped out, not only in Australia, but all over the world!!
How great would that be?
Good luck to all the participants.


  1. It would be incredible Sami.. I'm not sure if sleeping in the sports stadium under cover in a dorm like setting is too realistic as to how it really works for homeless people but if they raise a lot of money and actually put it to use in that area it will be fantastic.

  2. I suppose the CEO's do get a better deal than the homeless people, but hopefully the money they raise will support those in need.

  3. I remembered this from your post of last year. I still think it's a great idea, and that it should be done in many other countries.

    1. Yes, last year I wrote about it too. I suppose if all the big shots all over the world did it, a lot of homeless people could be helped, unfortunately I think most CEO's and politicians aren't as down to earth or generous as the Australian ones...

  4. Óptima iniciativa! Gostava de ver algo semelhante aqui, onde o número de pessoas sem abrigo aumenta assustadoramente.

  5. E uma ideia que deveria ser implementada em todo o mundo Jose.


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