Monday, 2 June 2014

Western Australia DAY

Last year I went into the city to watch the WA Day (or Foundation day) celebrations, which you can read by clicking on the link.

This year, I chose to go the local celebrations organized by my local city council of Canning,  held at the Kent Street Weir park in Wilson.

In Western Australia, Foundation Day is celebrated on the first Monday of June, but from Saturday to Monday there are a lot of other activities from concerts to the awarding of "The Western Australian of the Year" medals to WA born or WA residents that made the highest level of contribution to Western Australia.

The day was sunny and warm although some dark clouds loomed far away, but luckily it didn't rain.
The Park was full of young and old enjoying the outdoors. The Mucky Duck Bush Band played in the background and some people danced to the country music songs.

Dancing to the country songs played by the Mucky Duck band

People queued at the food stalls, but as I had lunch at home before going, I went straight to the "Wicked" waffles van - delicious....

Australian Model Ship Society
A blacksmith demonstrated his craft
Sheepdog demonstration
The brave could climb this wall...
Castledare Miniature Railway
Learning to milk a cow
Kids traditional games
Jumping castle

A few people came to the river with their canoes and rowed away down the Canning River.
Watching the TV news I noticed that the city's festivities were grander that my local ones of course, but I still had a lovely day out.



  1. WA Day celebrations - such a great idea all over the place!
    Just wait... I think we have a "day of lower saxony" as well, but it´s celebrated so small, you read afterwards a tiny article in the local news...
    Guess my Niece´d love the Castledare Miniature Railway!
    And aww... we got sand only at Okercabana (you had no chance to see it, guess we have it since 2006) at river Oker - beautiful in your place!

  2. Thanks Iris, it was a lovely day, not as busy and in the city, but still fun. I'm sure your niece would love the little railway, it was cute, I hadn't heard of it before and it's just 2 or 3km from my house.

  3. That looks like fun and the location seems wonderful.

    1. It was fun and the weather was wonderful too, for a winter day!

  4. I love the Kent St Weir Park Sami such a lovely spot for a picnic.. The waffles sound good, must look out the 'Wicked' van :)

  5. I love the Kent St Weir Park Sami such a lovely spot for a picnic.. The waffles sound good, must look out the 'Wicked' van :)

  6. The "Wicked" is now appearing in a lot of outdoor functions and they also have a van at Curtin University. They are delicious, they were so popular that before 4pm their batter was finished...


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