Saturday, 7 June 2014

Her Serene Highness in Subiaco

I was offered a double movie ticket at the clinic where I work, for the preview of the film "Grace of Monaco" that was being released to the public on Thursday 5th.

So on Wednesday, my daughter in law and I went to Subiaco, a suburb just 4km north of Perth's CBD to watch the movie being shown at ACE Cinema in Hay street. 

The movie portrays  1 year of Princess Grace's life in Monaco, when she debated whether to accept another Hollywood movie roll or to stay in Monaco where she didn't feel integrated and where she wasn't exactly accepted by the Monaguesque people. 
It was a turbulent year when there was a dispute between Prince Rainier III and France's President Charles de Gaulle over tax laws and the fact that French businesses were moving their headquarters to Monaco to avoid paying tax.

Prince Rainier III wasn't keen on Grace going back to Hollywood and she turned her life around by learning French, building up her confidence, mixing with the locals and by becoming patron of the Red Cross and organizing the yearly ball to raise funds.

Nicole Kidman even looked very regal and quite similar to Grace Kelly, her wardrobe was spectacular, but I was a bit disappointed with Tim Roth's performance as the Prince -  he looked a bit vague and powerless.
I had first come across the actor Tim Roth when he played Dr Cal Lightman in the TV series "Lie to Me" where he played quite a spirited character, so his calm role was a bit of a disappointment.

We went early to Subiaco to be able to walk around Rokeby Road and do some window-shopping before going to watch the movie. There are some lovely but pricey boutique shops in the area.
Just before going to the movie were stopped for a quick bite at a lovely cafe around the corner - "1982 Expresso" where we both had a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of almond and orange cake. The coffee shop is small but very quaint with mismatched cosy sofas , tables and chairs, antique dressers, mirrors and dark walls.
The order was delivered quickly and both tasted good.

As we handed in our voucher at the cinema we were given 2 $5 vouchers for the candy bar, where we managed to get 2 small containers of popcorn without having to pay any extra. Even though I was already full, I still managed to eat all the popcorn of course!

1982 Expresso on Hay Street, Subiaco
Hot chocolate and Almond and Orange Cake

I  leave you with a taste of Subiaco, so you can get an idea of the suburb from these photos.
The newer apartment buildings of Subiaco
Lovingly restored Victorian buildings

The elegant "Subiaco Hotel"on the corner of Hay Street and Rokeby Road (pub, restaurant, function rooms)  is undergoing a revamp to attract new patrons.
This old-timer looked right at home in Subiaco!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Ahhh, Subi... I can´t wait to come back - beautiful pics!
    Just the thought of hot chocolate... umm, no, 28C today - summer is here :-)

    That reminds me! I have chocolate beer! (We bought three special beers a while ago)

  2. Yes, Subi is nice! Chocolate beer? You have the weirdest drinks, I'm sure it would be popular with the ladies, except me, I don't drink beer!

  3. What a great post, Sami! Looks as if you had a nice visit to Subiaco. The hot chocolate and almond and orange cake make my mouth water. The city is really pretty. I have not been able to visit my favorite blogs for a while and I have missed it. I hope you have a beautiful week ahead!

  4. Thanks Lynn, that cake was quite good actually. A great week for you too!

  5. I love Subi and used to go there often for coffee, haven't been for a while Sami but your photos have stirred me to make a trip soon. You didn't say what you thought of the movie, it got the worst reviews possible.. must admit I'm not a fan of Nicole Kidman but it would have been difficult to play such an iconic character.

  6. I didn't find the film that bad, it was just resumed to basically one year of her life in Monaco, during that political problem with France.

  7. It looked like a nice place to go for a walk. That piece of cake would definitely make it worth it!

  8. Yes the cake was worth it!

  9. Hot chocolate and orange & almond cake. Sounds good enough for Grace of Monaco to eat.

  10. Thanks for visiting Joe. I think Grace would have enjoyed the cake too.


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