Monday, 28 November 2011

Weekend wanderings - Cascais

Friday morning was my first relaxing day in Lisbon, and my mom and I went into the Cascais city centre and were later joined by my Dad for lunch.
We had a lovely lunch for 7euros ($10 Aud) each which included a soup, main dish, dessert and a soft drink or water. Quite yummy and very well priced too.

My tasty Bacalhau á Lagareiro (Cod fish with baked potatoes doused in olive oil)
Dad left and drove home, and mom and I walked along the coast until the Marina, while I took quite a few photos. The day was lovely and warm...just lovely to be outside. Then we called Dad to fetch us when we were tired towards the end of the day...
Taken from Cascais Villa shopping centre

Cascais Municipality building

One of the lovely tile panel on the Municipality walls
Mermaid statue

Friday evening after picking up my daughter at the Airport, from her Paris flight, my brother in law arrived home to collect the rest of the family, and we went out to an Indian restaurant in Cascais.
This was due to Piglet's influence from one of her latest posts!
We had a bit of a laugh at the menu translations before choosing our dinner (the funny translations are in Portuguese as the English version is fine).

Funny translation at the Indian restaurant in Cascais

Back in Lisbon on Saturday, which was a bit hectic, moving the last of the furniture out of the apartment, going to the Church a couple of times with car loads of stuff to donate, etc, etc. At night we all joined my parents at their house in Cascais for a family dinner and to watch my Paris photos.

Sunday was a more relaxing day with a sleep in, then before lunch, my daughter, my sister and I went to Cascais Shopping, a big shopping centre nearby.
I managed to get a couple of presents to leave behind as Christmas presents and bought myself two white shirts for work. I find clothing quite reasonably priced compared to Australian prices of course!

After a home lunch and an afternoon movie, my brother in law took us for a drive along the coast from Cascais to Azóia, near Cabo da Roca, Europe´s most western point, to the lovely "Moinho Dom Quixote"(Dom Quixote Windmill) near Cabo da Roca.

The Windmill Bar/Restaurant
View of the Atlantic Ocean from one of the outside "rooms"

Little pond with waterfall in the garden

View of the sunset sky

The Windmill bar/restaurant is lovely and homely, with various lounges with walls full of bright colours, covered in Mexican artifacts and interesting pendant lights.
We got there after sunset, but it would have been the perfect place to watch it come down in the distance over the Atlantic ocean. You can sit outside in various enclosed areas surrounded by beautiful gardens, ponds, waterfalls, or sit inside where the main room is warmed up by an open fireplace.
A very enjoyable end of the day.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend too and I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

The entrance with the colourful walls and eclectic mix of art

More colour inside the main room

The lovely fire place in the corner of the main room


  1. Your trip looks and sounds wonderful! Great pictures. Did all your things gets sorted out?

  2. Yes, all my boxes were picked up and taken into storage for later shipping. I feel a lot lighter that finally everything has been sorted out.

  3. Bom, esse moinho e um espectaculo! Proxima vez que va a Cascais, tenho de passar por la! Thanks for the tip! ;-)

  4. È mesmo muito engraçado e acolhedor. Sempre cheio também, diz a minha irmã. Vale a pena visitar pela viagem junto á costa e pela paisagem q se vê do Moinho. Na altura do por do sol seria ideal, nós já chegámos um pouco tarde para as fotos.


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