Thursday, 24 November 2011

A week in Lisbon

So much to do, so little time! 
I have had a very stressful week trying to sell furniture from the apartment we need to vacate by this weekend...with not much success. With a recession and not much money around, I thought it would be easier to sell used furniture, but it seems the Portuguese aren't too keen on second-hand.
One of my daughter's friends wanted to keep the dining room and the double bedroom furniture, which I gave to her.
I then contacted Remar - a charity organization that sells used things to fund rehabilitation centres for drug addicts, and they came to see what I had to give. They were very selective in what they wanted, and then carted away a single bedroom and 3 Billy bookcases from Ikea, and some other bits and pieces of furniture, but didn't want a big metal desk (not fashionable) or the sofas as these were scratched by the cat.
I have promises of people to come get another single bedroom, washing machine, fridge, etc by Saturday, so I really hope that happens, as by Sunday I need an empty apartment.
Other things like bed linen, some unused clothing, ornaments, books will be taken to the local church, as they hold monthly sales for charity.
I have a corner of the lounge with boxes to ship to Australia...but am still waiting for a quote from the only company that showed up after contacting 3 companies.
My corner of boxes to ship
View from my street in Lisbon
Probably because of all the stress I managed to get a terrible cold, and yesterday I stayed in bed most of the day with no energy to do anything, my body was sore, scratchy throat, awful cough...
After taking a mix of various medications my sister had in her medicine box, I am feeling better today.

Today there is a general strike affecting public transport, hospitals, schools, other public in the morning as usual I got a lift with my brother in law into Lisbon (I stay with them in Cascais, about 30km from Lisbon), traffic wasn't as chaotic as we expected, but I will have to stay here until 7 or 7,30pm when my brother in law usually finishes work, even though I don't have that much to do, but with no other means of transport I am stuck!!

At least the sun is shining, maximum temperature will be 19C, unlike the previous days when it was grey an wet.
Strike poster
I haven't had much time for sightseeing unfortunately, but hopefully after this weekend I will be able to relax and enjoy the rest of my short stay.
I have already planned a get-together lunch with friends at a small restaurant, where I will have the opportunity to see people I haven't seen in almost 5 years.
Next time I hope to be more cheerful!!
Expo Train and bus station, taken at night while I waited for my lift
Vasco da Gama shopping centre (in front of Expo station)


  1. Sami,

    Espero que melhore depressa. Estas mudancas sao sempre stressantes. Muito trabalho e o tempo a escapar entre os dedos.
    Tambem cheguei a dar um sommier e algumas estantes a Remar.
    Espero que possa relaxar mais um bocadinho na proxima semana.
    Eu tambem fiquei com uma gripe de caixao a cova quando finalizei as mudancas e as entregas em Lx.
    Sei bem dar o valor.
    Beijinhos grandes, as melhoras (tomar chazinho com mel costuma ajudar) e tudo a correr bem.

  2. Obrigada Sandra, depois duma data de comprimidos hoje sinto-me melhor. 'E mesmo, mudancas sao stressantes. Sexta feira vou passear por aqui e sabado com ajuda da familia terminaremos tudo!

  3. Sami, I feel for you! What a time to get a cold. Hope you feel better soon :)

    Do you miss Lisbon now you have returned?

    Good luck emptying your flat!

  4. Thanks Piglet, I do feel better now thanks to a lot of pills! I don´t really miss Lisbon, not really my type of city, I prefer Cascais or the Algarve. We had actually never lived in Lisbon, we lived in a small town near Viseu, but had bought that apartment when our daughter went to study in Lisbon. xxx


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