Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Melbourne CUP - the race that stops a nation!

Since 1877, Melbourne Cup day has become a public holiday in the State of Victoria.
The race is held at Flemington Race Course, and since the beginning it´s been frequented by the socialites, politicians, the rich and famous, and it´s an important social venue to show off the latest fashions and hats.

It´s estimated that 30 million dollars is spent on fashion for this event alone, with new dresses, hats, purses and shoes, so the fashion industry really gets a kick out of this for sure.

In Sydney festivities and races are also held, and although they don´t have a public holiday, many people still enjoy a full day of racing fun with lunches and events held in clubs, hotels and racecourses, where you get a chance to wear the big hats and fancy clothes like in Melbourne.

This is certainly the place to see and be seen!
So put on your brightest frock and fancy hat and enjoy yourself!!
I´m no gambler and this is all a bit overboard, but tradition is tradition.

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  1. If a child was as obsessed as some adults are with the Melbourne Cup and AFL football, they would be labelled as autistic (somewhere on the spectrum). Just an interesting observation from me, a teacher!

  2. That could be quite true! They are just judged differently because they are adults.

  3. Ah! Como os anos passam...nao reconheci a Olivia Newton-John....

  4. Pois a Olivia Newton-John já fez 70 anos, mesmo assim está muito jeitosa para a idade que tem.


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