Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bonjour Paris - Day 1

1st day in Paris -
After a long flight from Singapore to Paris, and only a few hours of sleep, I arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris at 6,20am with a temperature of 5C.

After quick passport formalities due to my European passport, it was time to collect the luggage.

When I exited, my daughter was waiting for me, then we descended to the train station, bought a stack of tickets to be used during my stay and took a train to her area of residence.

I was amazed at the minute size of the apartment where my daughter lives  – lounge, 1 bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom in only 30sqm - the apartments are extremelly expensive.
I later saw an advert for a 17sqm apt for sale at 199,999euros!! A 14sqm one for rent at 665 euros per month. It's not a cheap city to live in!!

Karina had to leave to go to work and I was left with the house keys so I could go out and explore. I made myself a tea and some toast had a bit of a rest and by 10am, armed with a map, I was at the underground station which is 300mt from the apt.
I decided to visit the Louvre today and see how I would go with time and energy.
I bought a 14euro ticket that included entrance to the Museum and the Napoleon suite as well.
The famous "Venus de Millo"
Amazing painted ceilings
A super huge painting

The Louvre with the Pyramid built in recent years

The Louvre was packed with people from all over the world and it must be one of the most popular museums in Paris. It is huge and I walked for many hours from floor to floor, room to room.
I had so many WOW moments and felt quite humble and just a speck in the universe compared with the grandiose works of art and so much talent.

Many modern day artists sat in front of the masterpieces painting their canvas. Very  talented people.

My feet were already killing me after so much walking around, but the church of Notre Dame wasn't too far away and I decided I might as well visit it.

Cathedral of Notre Dame

The back of Notre Dame cathedral
It was now time to return home by underground train.
I loved all I saw - the monuments are majestic, there is plenty of space around them, a few green areas around the city bring in some colour. So many interesting things and almost 200 photos taken.
On the downside I found the French not too friendly, although I stopped at a few corners with my map trying to decide where to turn, no one approached me to offer their help. At one stage when I was worried I was on the wrong track I actually stopped an elderly man and he told me which direction to take. And just like me I saw plenty of wanderers with their maps, but no good Samaritans...Even the Louvre security people sitting in almost every room had grim faces.

Tomorrow I'll go to the Eiffel Tower...see you then.

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  1. The Louvre was too big for me. I'd need to go for several days to take it all in. But the amazingly famous things in there to experience is so special!


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