Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Signs and August Wrap-Up

Linking with Tom's signs:

At work we started the month by interviewing a couple of people for a receptionist job at the Clinic.

A lady in her early 40's with the required experience was chosen, she started on Monday 9th, and after 1 week's training by myself she thought she was ready to go it on her own. We always work in pairs, so even though I thought she needed more training, she was bright and seemed to learn fast, so we accepted her request. Sadly she didn't last long... She resigned on the 31st due to wanting more hours, she thought the job was too stressful, wasn't too happy to take direction if she did something wrong...  

On Friday 13th, we went to dinner at Two Fat Indians Restaurant at Carousel Shopping Centre. We like their food, but this time I ordered some "mild spicy" chicken dish, but their mild is far too hot for me!

I like the Masala Laboratory sign

My French class colleague Suzanne had asked me to paint this old chest of drawers. It belonged to her brother who died last year, and she wanted it to be fixed up and painted so she could give it to his partner. It was in a pretty bad state, with drawers that needed to be glued, the backboard was in pieces, there was a bit of damage to the top, no stoppers on most of the drawers, each drawer had about 10 holes on each side from various handles it might have had during it's life...

It took me many hours to repair it, sand and paint it to give it a masculine but modern look, using "Coal Black" by Fusion Mineral Paint, and an "Ash" wash on the drawers, covered by Cappuccino Stain and Finishing Oil, which helped disguise the various holes and  added new Cup drawer pulls. It got a new wood top stained in Cappuccino, and a new backing board. 

When we delivered it to Suzanne on Saturday 14th, she was very happy with the new look and thought I hadn't asked for enough money for all the work I did, so gave me some extra, which was very kind of her. Hopefully it will now last a few more decades.

After delivering the chest of drawers, we then drove north of the river to have lunch with a young Portuguese family that we met here in Australia a few years ago.

Sunday 15th, with a temperature of 24C we spent the day in the garden doing the much needed job of weeding and repotting some plants. 

And we even had a light lunch in the garden...  Indian meat samosas (that I bought at the South African shop) served with coleslaw salad and a bowl of strawberries and cream with a dash of Port wine.

With the warmer weather the birds are more active in the garden and I managed to get a few (not so good) photos with my mobile.

A pink and grey cockatoo (or galah), a rainbow lorikeet eating our loquats that are now ripening, a Honeyeater, mourning doves and a magpie-lark sharing the dove's seeds

On Friday 20th, Jose with a car full of colleagues picked me up to join them at a very posh Corporate event at Optus Stadium, called the "2021 Rugby Bledisloe Long Lunch" to help celebrate the upcoming game between the All Blacks and the Wallabies, match to be held on the 28th August. 
Jose's bosses bought tickets for a table but then weren't able to attend and offered the tickets to some of the staff members and partners. 

During lunch it was announced the All Blacks wouldn't be coming, but somehow a week later they came, and after quarantine the game went ahead on the 5th September.  

There were prizes, auction of rugby items, speeches, rugby players, music, a three course meal and drinks... and it was also an great opportunity for me to visit the Stadium, which was inaugurated in December 2017, as I'd never been inside.

Signs: at the Stadium announcing the lunch, a signed rugby shirt went up for auction, a petition for the 2027 Rugby World cup to be hosted in Perth and the Wallabies and All Blacks signs on the windows in the events room.

Panoramic view of the Matagarup bridge, the city and East Perth from the events rooms

The starters - oysters and top, main dish was lamb, and as I don't like lamb I had to order the vegetarian Risotto. The small cakes were divine and so were the gourmet chocolates.

We even got ferried from the Stadium to the car park by a very friendly driver.

After lunch that finished at 4,30, we returned home changed into more casual clothes and drove to the city to watch the winter lights display.
We stopped at Kings Park Botanic Gardens to get night photos of the city, and then to Brookfield Place in St George's Terrace for the lights.

Panoramic view of the city

City views from Kings Park


And the main attraction of the show were these huge balls 

On Saturday 21st I joined a group of women I met through the Buy Nothing group in my neighbourhood and we went to Bloom - celebrating all women, multicultural unity and budding talent, held at the Canning Exhibition Centre.

The invitation asked for people to wear traditional costumes if possible, and I managed to borrow a genuine costume from the Island of Madeira from my friend Idalia. We had dinner, a fashion show, speeches, a display of Irish dancing and a Belly dancer and there were some stalls with products for sale.

A swan made with ribbon

Flags, table setting and starters menu

Me in my outfit from Madeira Island, various ladies in traditional costumes and ladies from the International fashion parade

I Painted a couple of clay pots with a mix of paint and bicarbonate of soda 

A dolls rocking crib that I bought at an Op-Shop for $8, now painted in a soft pink. I've even  sews a little mattress, sheet and mini pillow.

And I was silly enough to dismantle a red kid's kitchen to paint it. 

It's almost finished, but it's been a puzzle to put back together! That has taught me to put all different screws into labelled containers and probably even take more photos of the various components than just this one photo!  I'll show the renovated one in the September Wrap-up.

All in all a great month with lots of unusual entertainment. Now with warmer days of Spring there will be more outdoors activities hopefully.
Hope you also had a great month of August :)


  1. Wow. An interview "for real" and she got the job.
    Me per phone and it´s 3 phases.
    And she throws it away?!

    If I could I could send you my cookies from hell to add to your chicken, LOL.
    I´m stubborn and had some yesterday again.

    WOW, You did a GREAT job with the drawer!!!
    And you make me hungry.
    And ohhhh, the birds!

    Oh, great. Now I have a wallabie with a ball in my mind.
    Ingo gave one water from his coffee mug - it asked for more two times.

    Great pics of your winter lights. And the traditional clothes.

    To a new great month a one that´s memory.

    1. Yes, she decided to go back to a full time job where she had worked 3 years ago. With borders closed we are in great need of qualified people as the WA economy is actually booming. Thanks and good luck the other parts of the interview.

    2. "Hach". Booming. OK, I have no idea of your job, but, oh. I would try so hard. I never threw a job away. Not even at the icky food factory ;-)
      I got "forced" to eat the stuff even (by well-meaning colleagues) and did even that.

      Well. Every person as he or she wishes. Some just don´t understand their luck.

  2. Dearest Sami,
    That was a full and busy month for you!
    Too bad the newly hired lady did not last long... Some people can't be helped though.
    You did once again an amazing job with the old chest of drawers! No wonder she was very pleased with it.
    Lucky for having been able to wear the traditional Madeira Island costume.

  3. ...August was a beautiful and colorful month. I wish that we had light shows like yours. Thanks Sami for sharing.

    1. Thanks Tom. The winter light show is very popular with families. Thanks for hosting 😊

  4. What a great month for you. You always make me hungry when I leave your blog.

    You looked great in that outfit and the swan was quite unique. I always love your Winter Light Shows. I had NO idea how large the balls were until you and Jose stood next to them.

    I didn't realize that was even the same dresser at first. You really put a lot of effort into it. It shows, too.

    I had to laugh at your last photo. I've done the same thing, but not with anything that intense. I guess you learned your lesson when it comes to screws and bolts, though! see you Sunday, dear.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. That swan was quite unusual and those balls really were gigantic! Yes, in future I'll label everything and take plenty of photos :) I think I've spent more time putting it together than painting it!!

  5. Some people don't want to work. So sad.

    Love all the food and you're enjoying the beginning of spring. We're in a heatwave.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. ♥

    1. Thanks Mae. Spring is my favourite season, not too cold nor too hot.
      Enjoy the rest of the week :)

  6. Love the reflected colours on buildings.

  7. Your costume is fascinating, as are those of the other women in your group. Looks like a wonderful event! You really do keep busy.

    best... mae at

    1. Thanks Mae :) There were some beautiful costumes around.

  8. Now you have piqued my curiosity, Sami. If you consider samosas, coleslaw, port, and strawberries and cream a light lunch, what do you consider a regular lunch?

    1. Lol, well it wasn't a heavy stew or something that takes ages to cook, all I had to do was fry the samoosas. Thanks David :)

  9. Replies
    1. I love the lights William, the buildings just look magical :)

  10. Incondicionalmente fã de comida indiana.

    1. Tambem gosto, desde que nao seja picante, lol. Obrigada Pedro :)

  11. I am not fussed on pine look furniture at all and I really like the chest's new look. I wasn't sure about the cup handles but they have clean lines and are practical.

    Portuguese and port. Nice.

    A car full of colleagues? Dream on Victorians.

    Both window signs look great, especially The Wallabies.

    The light show balls are really good. I think the newly blind woman must have already photographed them.

    Your outfit at the Canning Exhibition Centre looks rather cool.

    Yes, nowadays take lots of photos of anything you pull apart.

    Good that you had such a pleasing month.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Pine was very fashionable many years ago, now I hate the look too. The light balls have been photographed by Grace already :) Glad she can't read you are calling her blind, lol.

  12. A great wrap up, it was a good month.

    I like the photograph of you in the costume and the buildings look great all lit up.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan. The lit-up buildings look magical.

  13. I love your costume. You did a great job on the crib. And I love that red kitchen!

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  15. I love your Madeira Island outfit. Gorgeous, and so are you! And that chest looks so fabulous with the black and brown. Just perfect. What a lovely month!


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