Wednesday, 2 March 2016

My Birthday

Google was the first to congratulate me a couple of hours ahead of time I might say!

It was about 9,30pm on the 1st of March when I switched on my computer and a header with cakes and cupcakes appeared. I clicked on it to find out what it meant and: Ta Da - "Happy birthday Sami" it said!

Big Brother knows it all, but anyway it was quite funny and I even called my husband to come and check my surprise. I presume it must be something new as I had never seen it before.

Lucky for me my birthday fell on my work free day, or was it the other way around?

But's it's not really a work free day, because I use my free day to wash, iron, clean, shop, vacuum... no fun options for a birthday!

So when around lunch time my daughter in law called to say she would be leaving work soon and would I like to go out to lunch with her? But, of course! So I got ready, she picked me up and we headed to the Perth Crown Casino for a lunch at the Carver's buffet restaurant.

One of the Casino's entry

Casino from the Hotel side

The restaurant is entered via the gambling area and we both had a good laugh when one of the security guys asked Sara for her ID. Now she's 28, but very petite, so no wonder he thought she was under 18...  She says she gets that every time she goes into a bottle store too.

We got to the restaurant just 20 minutes before the buffet was closing, but it still gave us time to help ourselves to the main dishes and some dessert. Just before closing the staff were going from table to table to advise that they would be closing if we wanted to help ourselves to anything else. Very nice of them!

Back home after lunch, I chatted to my daughter on skype from South Africa where she's on a business trip.

Then I sat down and watched a bit of TV until my husband arrived home from work and got ready to take me out to dinner.
He chose "The Red Cray" seafood restaurant in Belmont, which was a really good option.
The seafood was fresh, service was friendly and efficient too.

A very hazy photo taken by the waiter at the Red Crab

Oysters done 3 different ways for our Entree

Crayfish Mornay

Chocolate tiramisu and Vanilla Panacotta

Towards the end one of the waitresses came up to me and asked if I was Sami, a friend of S.., I said yes, but how do you know it? When she said her name I remembered that she had looked familiar, but I hadn't seen her in 4 years and she had changed a bit and I didn't know she was back in Perth.

So it was a surprise to see a friendly face.

I have to thank the more than 100 people that sent me sms's, called, posted messages on Facebook and emailed me to wish me Happy Birthday!
A big thank you to all of you!! It really brightened my day.

It's good to be alive and well and have caring friends isn't it?


  1. Feliz Aniversário Sami!!! Que venha mais um ano de alegrias e muitos posts no blog. Fico feliz por saber que aproveitou bem o seu dia, apesar das limpezas.

    1. Obrigada Sara. Foi um belo dia!

  2. Muitos Parabéns, Sami!! Que venham muitos mais, cheios de saúde e alegria e na companhia de quem mais ama.
    A sua nora foi muito querida em convidá-la para almoçar fora e o jantar, a avaliar pelas fotos, dá água na boca. Excelente escolha a do seu marido! Tudo com super bom aspecto. ;-)
    Beijinho grande e muitas felicidades!

    1. Muito obrigada Sandra, a minha nora e uma querida!
      O jantar foi uma delicia.

  3. A very Happy Birthday to you Sami, I see you celebrated it very well even with Google!

    1. Thank you Mariette, yes even google remembered me, lol.

  4. Happy Birthday again, Sami, to another wonderful year :-)
    Ingo sure would´ve marvelled over that dinner!
    What nice surprises. Google (and FB?): odd. In Germany you don´t do that, maybe technical problems? Anyhows. Cheers!

    1. Thanks again Iris. Dinner was delicious!

  5. Happy Birthday, Sami. Sounds like a perfect birthday! I've been away from blogging lately, busy playing with polymer clay , but whenever I dip back in , I'm always happy to read your posts. You have a wonderful way of bringing the world to life on the page! You are a great writer!

    1. Thank you Nan for the compliment and the birthday wishes.
      Good luck with the polymer clay jewellery, I did a few bits and pieces years ago, and enjoyed it, but I've been getting very lazy with the crafts...

  6. I can see you had a super birthday Sami, it's always fun to go to the casino. I always think what a small world it is when I bump into someone I haven't seen for ages :)

  7. I can see you had a super birthday Sami, it's always fun to go to the casino. I always think what a small world it is when I bump into someone I haven't seen for ages :)


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