Monday, 14 March 2016

2016 Sculpture by the Sea - IV

The last post about this year's 2016 Sculpture by the Sea is mostly about stone and metal works of art.

On the pier stood Japanese artist Takeshi Tanabe "A Scene: dedicated to Handel's "The Water music", a  beautiful combination of shiny marble and rough stone.

English Ivan Black's work on the pier was entitled "Golden Section" a sort of wind spinner.
It has been purchased by the Town of Cottesloe to be displayed somewhere.

Japanese Keizo Ushio entitled "Gate to the Beach" another elegant marble piece.

"Fun" is an upside down child by Thai national Naideh Changmoh.

Western Australian Ron Gomboc's metallic "From the Beginning to Eternity: Cycle of Life Series".

Harrie Fasher, from New South Wales, an accomplished equestrian uses her skill to portray the horses she loves and their relationship to humans. Here she presents "Boxed"  

Barbara Licha, Polish born, now living in Australia, presents this fine wire structure entitle "Listen time passes..."

I couldn't really figure out the connection between these stone shoes (at least the front looks like a shoe) to the title of the work - "The first experience of a poet #3", by South Korean Hyung-Taek Chang. 

Chinese artist Gao Xiaowu presents a balloon shaped figure with wings as if to take-off, called "City of Dreams".

Another Chinese artist, Qian Sihua shows us a bright yellow "Bubble no. 7"

This last one by Perth's Perdita Phillips had me baffled. Called "Rock II" it was just a white painted boulder next to hundreds of other boulders of the seabreak.
This must have been the simplest and quickest work of art, but a bit disappointing to me!

I hope you have enjoyed this series. Let me know your opinion on any of them, but I'm quite curious to read what you have to say about this white stone!

If you live in Perth there's still time to visit them until Sunday.

You can read my other post on this year's event:





  1. The white stone made me think of that black painting Grace photographed in the museum. Crazy! I mean, really?
    What sounds did you hear at "Listen time passes..."? Interesting idea, time so runs. I can´t believe it´s mid-march already!
    I also love the "City of Dreams".

    1. Exactly Iris, I thought the same thing!
      I couldn't hear any sound, just the sea and the people talking...
      City of Dreams is very playful and cute.

  2. Magnificas estas esculturas.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

    1. Obrigada pela sua visita Francisco.Boa semana para si tambem.

  3. Such a wonderful event! I'm going from yours, to Grace's and Aimee's blog to take it all in.

    1. Thanks for your visit Kate, glad you're enjoying all our visits.

  4. Excellent shots Sami, I must admit there were fewer this year that made me go WOW, but just the setting on the beach alone is worth the visit.

    1. I agree, the beach is a magnificent place to have all these sculptures, if they were in some museum they wouldn't get as many visitors in such a short time.

  5. Great exhibition with many Asian sculptors I see. The white rock must be a statement I suppose, but which one, I shouldn't know.

    1. I think most of the sculptors are Asian.
      Yes, don't know what the artist wanted to convey with that rock...

  6. The BRIGHT YELLOW ONE is my favourite.

    1. Thanks for your visit and comment Gunn.

  7. Art is very subjective. For me the white stone is also only a white stone, but who knows what the artist was thinking... Once I saw an installation that was a completely empty room, with 3 walls painted white and 1 yellow, and that was it! I much rather spend time admiring art pieces that require a lot of skill and creativity.

    1. I agree with you Sara, a painted stone or painted wall has no meaning to me!

  8. Dearest Sami,
    It is always a bit confusing if some bloggers still write info 'above' a photo, instead of the general rule for publishing (books, magazines, articles etc.) below the photo.
    But I managed to have a look at the right thing you were mentioning. The Japanese ones convey more in-depth thinking and emotions, like Handel's Water Music. Very well done.
    The gate to the beach is also very elegant and it shows the waves and the smoothness of the water brilliantly.
    The Korean sculpture about the first experience of a poet is very clear to me and also brilliant! Those shoes are going in two directions and one side is very rough, not yet quite hewn out in the preferred shape. Than it gets polished and goes into the right direction...
    That really is brilliant!
    Those were my favorites, at least the ones that did speak to me the strongest.
    Hugs and thank for showing these very interesting beach sculptures. They really will draw tourists and locals alike and are a fun talking point!

  9. Thanks for pointing that out Mariette, I'll follow the traditional rules in future. Great that you figured out the meaning of the shoe sculpture, love the explanation.


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