Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Happy Birthday to my dear daughter

Unlike last year on her 30th birthday, this year we won't be spending our daughter's birthday with her... Unfortunately we live on opposite sides of the world - we in Perth, she in Amsterdam.

My dear Karina, we wish you all the success and happiness that you deserve, you're such a hard-working and ambitious girl, close to your family and friends, down to earth and with an enormous empathy for people - young and old, as well as being a globetrotter!

May there always be a smile on your lips and a twinkle in your eyes.

Have a wonderful birthday celebrated among the love of your life and your close friends.

To all the ladies out there I wish you a wonderful "Women's day"!

Karina at 8 years of age in her school uniform

A more recent photo taken at the beach in Fremantle


  1. Your daughter is lovely Sami.. always sad when we can't be with them on birthdays but so good that they're getting out and exploring the world.

    1. Thanks Grace. I agree, we miss her, but she's doing very well in her professional as well as private life, so that's what every parent wants for their kids - their happiness!

  2. Sami,

    Muitos Parabéns para a sua filha e para os pais, avós, irmão e cunhada (por cá, damos os parabéns também aos familiares do/a aniversariante; a Karina, se calhar, já comentou consigo).
    As duas fotografias são muito bonitas, mas gostei especialmente da última. :-)
    Tudo de bom para a Karina.
    Feliz Dia da Mulher a ambas e também para a sua nora!

    1. Obrigada Sandra. Pois toda a familia tem direito aos parabens.
      Espero que tenha tido um Dia da Mulher feliz!

  3. She looks a lot like you :-)
    Still kinda sad you live so far away from each other.
    I was so glad to be with my Bro and get a big hug on our Dad´s "birthday"...

    1. Yes, it's sad, but I have to remember we also "flew the nest" from my parents and in-laws. Nowadays families seem to be scattered all over the world, due to work, marriage with other nationalities...

    2. True, too! At least internet has heaps of possibilities to not loose track.

    3. Yes, skype and facebook, etc make it easier to keep in touch.
      When we immigrated it was via letters or expensive phone calls...

  4. Dearest Sami,
    Congratulations to your sweet Karina! And she is in the country where I'm born... Small world we live in and thanks for social media! You manage and she does. It was always harder with my parents and my Dad at age 95 will never get into it... Nobody of my siblings ever guided them!
    My husband is using his iPhone very well and personally I think it is great for your mind as well.
    Lovely Karina and you for sure are very proud parents!
    Happy International Women's Day to you as well.

    1. Thank you Mariette, yes we're very proud of our daughter, she's done very well at a young age!
      Hope you had a wonderful Women's Day!

    2. How true it was about very expensive phone calls, 33 years ago... Things certainly have improved in that regard. Also for sending photos and even video and doing FaceTime or video calls...

  5. Beautiful words Sami! I could feel the emotion coming out of them. Happy Birthday to your Karina!

  6. You have a very nice daughter to be proud of.

  7. Karina is the best daughter I could have wished for. You, on the other hand, are a very special mother.


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