Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Remodelling Project - Striped Bedroom Wall

On my last post I mentioned that I had painted a wall with stripes on the weekend, and here is my post about it.
My son moved out of our home last year to move in with friends, then he got married in June this year, and him and his bride rented a little house to start their married life.
So, his room was left empty of furniture, as he took his (well, ours) bed, wall units, desk..., but has left a wardrobe with clothing and a lot of Uni papers and books behind...
Hopefully those will go soon, so I will have some extra wardrobe space for my clothing.

Once in a while I would open the door to his room and wonder what to do with it. I wanted to redecorate, but didn't really know what colours. Two of the walls were painted in a light grey colour and the other two were white. 
I have been checking out some pretty decor photos on Pintrest (do you know it? You can find wonderful photos here, but be's addictive). Eventually I settled on stripes!
This would give me the choice of leaving some of the original colour on the wall, and just add two extra colours - white and turquoise.
I love turquoise, and have my kitchen/dining room wall painted in turquoise. I didn't need to buy any extra paint, as I had a can of white and still some turquoise from the kitchen.

First I measured from the ceiling down and marked the wall at various spots, where I wanted the stripes to go, then I glued some Painter's tape slowly from one pencil mark to another.  It's easier if you have someone to help of course.
I didn't go for stripes with the same width, I would just look at the measuring tape and decide it would be at a certain measurement.
I used a good tape that guaranteed easy removal up to 5 days, not that I wanted to drag the painting for 5 days, but these tapes can be sticky.

I then wrote the colour I wanted either above or under the tape, so I not to get confused when painting later on.

All the taping is done, now comes the paint
 After all the taping, I started with the 3 narrow Turquoise stripes first, and because they were in-between the grey colour, I removed the tape a short while later.

Then the white stripes were painted, but I left the painting of a second coat for the following morning, as it was getting dusky.

In the morning, a second coat of the white paint went over the three big stripes, and about 1 hour later I removed the painter's tape and admired my handiwork.

It gives the room a more contemporary edge I think, and it was easier than I thought.
Now I just have to paint an iron bed frame that I have - maybe turquoise?, to use as a headboard for a double bed, and then this will be another guest bedroom.
I just need the guests to visit of course!

What do you think? Doesn't it look better than a plain wall?

PS -  you can see what the guest bedroom looks like now by reading this post -


  1. Oh that looks lovely and fresh,and a turquoise headboard would set it off nicely.

  2. Sami that wall looks gorgeous. Well done!

  3. Thanks Gill and Emily. Yes, I think I will paint the headboard in turquoise too.

  4. It looks great Sami, nice to have a bit of a refresh? I'll be doing that with Aimee's room when she buys her own place soon :(
    Btw your recipe for cauliflower and potato mash looks delish, will try when my kitchen gets back to normal!

  5. This definitely gives the room a bright and youthful look!

  6. Cool! Estou neste momento com obras em casa... tive uma infiltração = partir paredes, substituir canos... enfim, um pesadelo!


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