Monday, 30 September 2013

Wet Spring Day at Kings Park Flower Festival 2013

Today, being the last day of the Spring Festival at Kings Park I had wanted to visit once again to take more photos, and see the old Holden cars exhibition as well as see some of the live entertainment on offer.

Albeit the wet and windy day (this month has been unusually wet and windy) the park was full of people, walking around looking at the flowers, sitting by the entertainment stage listening to music, dancing, eating, barbecuing ....oh yes some people were having picnics!

Apart from the music, there were workshops about native gardening and plant propagation, as well as tents selling native flower arrangements and native plants - I bought an orange/red Kangaroo Paw to plant in my garden.

I leave you with some photos to give you an idea of the atmosphere. The 80's music was great, pity the grass was wet and I didn't take a chair, because I would have loved to stay longer.

A collection of 10 vintage Holdens, all in working order
I like the number plate

The band played 80's music and there were a few couples dancing
How do you like this vintage caravan? The cold weather didn't entice ice-cream buyers though...
Plenty of food for sale near the entertainment area
There were 4 Florettes walking around delighting young and old alike
The Florettes were also having fun dancing to the music

Another yarn bombing done on this wheelbarrow
Another old Holden used as a "flower container"

Various Kangaroo Paw plants - the one I bought is similar to the one on the bottom right
More wildflowers - I loved the "Lambs ears" bottom right, they were soft as wool

Next year there's more - I hope the weather will be more "Springy"  and I will be able to go there on the weekends to listen to the live music entertainment.

Monday will be a Public Holiday in WA - The Queens Birthday - which in Australia is celebrated in different dates across the various states, none of them being on the actual day of Her Majesty's birthday!

Have a great week and hope you enjoyed the flower show.


  1. Love to see the cars flower containers.
    Have a good week, Sami!

  2. Thanks for your comment! This festival looked like fun. I love seeing yarn bombings!

  3. Thanks Sandra.
    Lovely Light - yarn bombings are fun, don't know how they manage to wrap funny shaped objects.

  4. Look at those Florettes! They are amazing!! I am happy to find another Pink fan among my blog friends; I wish you were going to her concert, too. I did have to buy the tickets at the moment they went on sale -- literally!

  5. The Florettes were very cute, the kids loved them. Enjoy your Pink concert, I'll try my best to get tickets next time she performs in

  6. Por cá temos tido dias de Outono bem molhados. Bela colecção de carros vintage e óptimos 'outfits' nessa gente mascarada.

  7. Not even spring showers can put people off Kings Park. I wanted to get back up to take more shots also, but with all this kitchen business going on I didn't make it! Love these and your previous shots of the spring festival Sami.

  8. True Grace, Kings Park can be visited in any type of weather.

  9. What fun! Love the yarn bombing. Can I share a post I did in the Summer, Sami? It's FULL of yarn bombing :)

  10. I just check your yarn-bombing post and it was very cute Joanne.


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