Wednesday 11 September 2013

50 years of Flower Power at Kings Park 2013

Every year from the 1st to the 30th of September, Kings Park comes alive with a riot of flowers, and this year Kings Park celebrates the 50th anniversary of the festival.

I love to visit Kings Park/Botanic garden, any time of the year, but Spring is certainly the best time, because all over the park there are wonderful wildflowers, and all sorts of pretty and colourful blooms. Also due to it's location, there are wonderful views of various suburbs of Perth and the city centre.

Bright red Kangaroo Paws around a wishing well
A view to South Perth across the Swan river
Huge expanses of grass where people play games, relax or picnic- even the grass had some flower tatoos
Another snippet of South Perth, framed by South African Aloe arborescens
Giant Boab tree
This Boab tree was transported 3200km by road to Kings Park. It is estimated to be 750 years old, weighs 36 tonnes and is 14 metre high, with branches spanning 8 metres wide. You can read the story here.   

This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the EH Holden, a car manufactured in Australia, and there are two very old utes (utilitarian vehicles) planted with wildflowers.
I only managed to see one of them, but I will go back another day for some more photos and hopefully find the other one. On 29th September there will be a display of vintage Holdens, organized by the Holden Car Club of Perth, as a combined birthday finale to the Kings Park festival.

Again beautiful views over the river and that giant Boab tree

The Foundation stone was Yarn bombed

Also for the first time, the Foundation Stone that commemorates the opening of Kings Park Botanic garden, was covered in yarn squares knitted by a group of Yarn Bombers.
It certainly was a very bright and popular spot and I had to wait a while to get a photo with no one around!
A few other things were covered in yarn, like a couple of the lamp posts nearby, and apparently there is even a little buggy (small open car) covered in yarn, what a pity I didn't spot it, it must be quite cute!

Pioneer Women's Memorial - a lovely lake with water fountains and a statue of a woman and child

DNA tower
The DNA tower, is 15 metres high and has 101 steps, and was inspired by the double staircase in the Chateau de Blois in France. I have not climbed it, but I believe the views over the park and surrounding areas are fantastic. I think I will have to take their word for it, as the stairs are a bit bare for me to climb...

More wildflowers - these look like paper
Aspects of Kings Park - gallery and gift shop - surrounded by native plants

Green and Black and plain Black Kangaroo Paws - aren't they so exotic?

I loved these pink "bell" flowers

Every Sunday during the month of September there are live music concerts, art exhibitions, family fun days, etc. Most events are free. You can also learn about native plants and gardening, or take guided walks around the park, at 10am, 12 and 2pm every day.

Why not take a picnic basket and enjoy the sunshine surrounded by wildflowers and birds?

Just check the Flower Festival calender for the September events -


  1. Wow Sami,
    that looks like an awesome place to hang out, and I cant believe the beautiful flowers. Those pink ones look like the everlasting flowers we had back in SA. I love that green and black kangaroo paw, it does look a bit exotic..

  2. Hi Gill - Kings Park is awesome, I don't think I have ever seen the whole park, I'm always discovering new territory!

  3. Lovely and very beautiful Park! I just loved the photos! Thank you for sharing this beautiful place and festival with us, Sami!

  4. Gorgeous images of Kings Park Sami, you captured it beautifully. Really it takes many visits to explore the whole park..

  5. Thanks Grace. Kings Park really is an amazing place, changing with the seasons and lots to explore.

  6. Que sítio lindo! Já hoje vi imagens dele noutro blogue.

  7. JM - Kings Park e um local encantador!

  8. Can´t wait to see it soon again for myself! I so love Kings Park!

  9. Thanks Iris. Let me know if you visit Perth, we could always meet up.


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