Monday, 19 December 2011

The weekend and week ahead

Saturday was a busy day with my husband and I tidying up the garden, picking weeds, moving some veggies from the harsh summer sun to a more sheltered spot under the lemon tree... It´s amazing how much work goes into keeping a garden in shape.

On Sunday we both joined a couple of the Doctors at the practice I work, plus another receptionist (the rest of the staff was away on holiday or unable to come) and we had a buffet breakfast at the Red Herring, a beautiful restaurant right on top of the river in Fremantle. 
It´s just beautiful to be eating surrounded by water on 3 sides, watching the yachts glide past...

The Red Herring Restaurant

Then we just spent about an hour at home and we were off again to join friends for a barbecue at their house.
Two hours later we had to leave to take hubby to the airport for his weekly flight to Adelaide, but due to some "misunderstanding" with the GPS device, we got there late and the check-in was already closed.
Luckily his flight was rescheduled for early this morning without any penalties.

This morning I did some last minute gift shopping, for my son to take overseas. I have just dropped him off at the International airport and he should be taking off soon. He will spend Christmas with his sister in France and later will fly to Portugal to see the family and friends, only returning home at the beginning of February.
This year we will have no family around for Christmas, just friends...
Hooray for friends!!
Tomorrow I will start with the preparations of the Christmas Eve meal, that is so traditional in the Portuguese culture, tidying up the house, preparing the tables and chairs in the garden...
Don´t you feel as if there is never enough time to do it all when it comes to these special celebrations?


  1. Tal qual, Sami!! O tempo parece nao chegar! E olhe que nao me atrasei este ano!
    Esse restaurante deve ser uma maravilha! Fica na agua! tal como o restaurante do nosso Teatro! Adoraria um dia almocar la! Quem sabe daqui a uns aninhos! :-)

    Beijinhos! Feliz Natal!! :-) :-)

  2. Também começei a fazer as prendas caseiras, etc, cedo, mas ainda tenho tanto a fazer...Ai o tempo! È lindo este local, há qualquer coisa de mágico estarmos rodeados de água. Feliz Natal e Ano Novo xx


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