Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I arrived in Perth early this morning, at 1am, after a long flight from Lisbon, via Paris and Singapore.
It´s been a hectic 3 weeks with lots to do, meeting friends and family that I hadn´t seen in about 5 years, lunch and dinner get-togethers...
As I woke up after 5 hours sleep, it was raining and will be raining for the next 3 least the days will be cooler.
I just checked my blog to realize that my readers had gone above the 5000 mark, but because I have been away I didn´t do anything special to commemorate. What a pity, I´ll have to wait for the 10 thousand mark now.

I read my emails and was sad to find out that my sister and brother in law had to make the difficult decision to put their dog to sleep yesterday. "Rocky" was a Portuguese Water Dog, 13 years old, he had been a Christmas present to my nieces when they were young. He was suffering with kidney failure, arthritis...the last couple of weeks he had been having daily treatments with intravenous drips as he was very weak, not wanting to eat, his back legs were hardly holding him.
This photo of him was taken last week sitting close to the family as we watched TV. He liked to be close to people, and on this occasion he had to be helped up into this bean bag.

I still remember how mischievous he was when young: one day my sister left out a whole fish to defrost on the kitchen counter and when she returned from dropping the kids at school, the fish was gone, Rocky had eaten it. Well, he was a fishing dog after all! Another time because he got hold of my brother in law´s mobile phone and chewed it up, beyond repair!

Rocky, days before he was put down
I finish this post with some photos taken on my last days in Portugal. Special occasions with my friends and family that I will treasure. The lovely Portuguese food and hospitality that made me feel special and welcome.
Thank you all xxx

29 Nov -  dinner with friends at Pátio das Conversas restaurant,  Carregal do Sal

A most delicious Prawn curry
Broa (Corn bread) filled with Cod fish
Berry Panacota

3rd Dec - Lunch with Lisbon friends and family at Kaia Kahina Restaurant, Carcavelos


  1. Aquela broa deixou-me a babar :-)))

    Welcome Sami! :-))

  2. Era muito bom o prato do bacalhau na broa, feito diferente do que eu conhecia.

  3. Hi,
    Are you glad to be back in Aus or does Portugal still tug on your heart strings?

    Looking at your curry in the picture they weren't that generous with the portion! However, the desert looked yummy!

  4. Hi Piglet, the curry was half a dose,as the group had chosen from 3 different main dishes, but it could have been a bit more since it was so delicious and creamy. Even a friend who is a cook, said it was the best curry she had tasted!
    As for Portugal or Australia, I was actually glad to get back. I think I lead a more relaxed and less stressful life here, I thought everyone was on tenterhooks there - not sure if that was just a Lisbon thing, but people seemed to be in a hurry all the time and under a lot of stress! Still I hold a soft spot for the town I lived in, and of course my family and friends are always on my mind.


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