Wednesday 28 December 2011

After Christmas gardening

I took a few days off work to spend some time at home with hubby, who is also taking a few days off to relax.
Yesterday and today, we have been taking care of our veggie patch and garden.
Hubby had built a wooden box just under the canopy of our former rotary clothes lines. That in turn was covered with netting to protect the plants from the harsh summer sun.
Yesterday we hired a van and bought  a couple of cubic meters of soil. It took both of us about two hours to put the soil from the van into the wheelbarrow and bring it to the back of the house and dump it into the veggie box...

Later when the sun wasn't as hot we started transplanting some of the veggies that were in container boxes into the new soil.  Vegetable and flower seeds were planted into pots.
I know this time of year is probably not the best to be planting or transplanting due to the heat, but hopefully because they are reasonably protected from the sun they will survive and thrive in their new bigger space.

When it was time to put down tools and prepare some dinner, we looked up to see the last of the sun´s rays disappearing, giving us a beautiful spectacle, and I ran inside to get my camera to capture this beautiful view.

My garden at sunset with the fairy lights on

After dinner we went for a short walk around the neighbourhood and I took some more photos of Christmas lights in our area. Quite an enjoyable and relaxing day.


  1. Oh Sami you are so good growing your own veggies. I tried it once and it was just too hard, what with the bugs and the weather I gave up and went back to the market haha! Do you enjoy this hot weather?

  2. We have had some success, but we have to keep an eye on the bugs and the extreme heat! I prefer the heat to the cold, but I would prefer that the temperature didn´t go above 30 or so! I feel drained with this extreme heat.


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