Monday, 12 December 2011

Late Christmas preparations

I´ve been back home since Tuesday, but still out of sorts due to jet-lag! I seem to fall asleep as soon as I sit down on the sofa to watch some TV, wake up a few hours later...if I do go to bed early (a lot earlier than my usual time), I wake up at 4 or 5am which is certainly not my usual waking up time either.
Didn´t realize it would take so long to recover, I´m getting old...

This weekend I started on the Christmas preparations, because with my overseas trip and this jet-lag, everything is falling behind.
I covered the fruit mix for the Christmas cake in Port wine and tonight I will add the flour, sugar, eggs and nuts and bake it slowly for a few hours. The lovely recipe was from the now extinct "Notebook" magazine, I have been baking it for the past 2 years and it always turns out well.
The previous cake I had baked in November before going away wasn´t anything special, although easy to bake it was a bit dense with far too much fruit for my taste. Still, even though it wasn´t good it was all eaten!!.

I went into the garage to get the Christmas decorations, but this year I will just put a few baubles in glass vases, hang a few things on the walls, but won´t put up the Christmas tree.
The few Christmas cards I will post are ready to go out to Europe today, these are just for the few people I didn´t manage to see on my trip. Other friends will get the usual email message, not as personal I know, I always try to send out cards with a little letter telling friends about our year, but no time this year.

I made a test batch of ginger cookies, but left out most of the ginger as I´m not too fond of ginger and somehow they don´t taste of anything....I should have substituted with other spices.
I will have to bake some other cookies to package as Christmas presents.
As for more Christmas presents: I have home-made soaps, will still make a batch of laundry liquid...but have to get nice glass jars to package my offerings.

From what I read in other blogs everyone is miles ahead of me with their Christmas preparations. I have to get moving quickly!!
Hope you are all enjoying the lead up to Christmas and making the best of your time with your family and friends.


  1. What an Amazing trip you had! I am so jealous!!!!!!! Love what you have done with your soaps, I left it far too late to make them for christmas... I will have to make some soon :)

  2. You could still make the soaps with instructions to be used only in a a few weeks time once they are cured. I do think the soaps with the Christmas theme are cute.


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