Friday, 30 December 2011


I saw this idea at Sandra´s blog, and thought "what a wonderful idea to remember and celebrate the lovely things that happened during 2011". So here it goes:

I celebrated New Year´s eve 2011 at the Portuguese Club in the company of hubby, our daughter and her partner, who were visiting from France, our son, and about 14 friends. We danced to the sound of a mix of Portuguese and English songs, and we ate and shared the goodies that we had taken with. (No catering at this club, each family takes their own).

Our family
Almost midnight!

I had the opportunity of visiting Sydney for10 days, giving me plenty of time to roam around this beautiful city. I also got to know an "e-mail friend", and she and her husband were lovely people. They took us to the Blue Mountains and to the famous Bondi Beach.

The Sydney Opera House and The bridge 
The Three Sisters at Katoomba mountains
A picture I painted for a friend. I have been very slack when it comes to doing what I love - which painting and crafting - so maybe one of my new year resolutions should be: - to dedicate more time to my art!
Do you make many new years´s resolutions? Do you manage to keep to your promise?

MARCH 2011
The 6th  "Sculptures by the Sea" exhibition was held at Cottesloe Beach. It was my first visit, and I really enjoyed it.
The most popular work of art

View of the beach, with some works of art in the sand area
APRIL 2011
I had a lovely day out with two of my work colleagues, visiting the different garden displays and gathering some ideas for our gardens.

MAY 2011
A fishing trip on a friend´s boat to Carnac Island, 10km off the coast of Perth. Not too successful for any of us, as the fish caught as far too small and thrown back into the sea, but a fun day out nevertheless. We also saw some seals frolicking in the water.

JUNE 2011
A friend from Portugal came to visit. We also celebrated the 5th year of the Portuguese Social club with a dinner and dance.
It was also the start of my blog. I have met many lovely people from all over the world through it, and have got to know how other people live in other parts of the world, and learned some new skills, like soap-making.

My visitor with us at the dinner-dance at the Portuguese club

JULY 2011
I visited Adelaide, a city on the South east coast. As my husband has been working there since June on a long term project, it could be our future home...
Glenelg marina

Riverbank in Adelaide
The weather was warming up and a lot of work went into gardening.

Can you see the difference in growth just a few months later?
Fremantle´s Sustainability Fiesta and Kings Park Spring Festival were the highlights of this Spring month.
My Mom´s second novel was also published in Portugal.

View of the city of Perth from Kings Park

My mom´s first and second novel
After a few months of tiling, grouting, plumbing, assembling cupboards, etc, etc, my laundry was finally finished!

A short visit to Paris to see my daughter, and then on to Portugal, to sort out the sale of our apartment in Lisbon. Of course the highlights of the visit would have been meeting up with family and friends who I hadn´t seen in almost 5 years.

A grey day in Paris
Sunny day in the bay of Cascais (Portugal)
Christmas parties, lunches and dinners with friends...
Preparing for the New Year´s eve party, once again at the Portuguese club.
We still have one more boating activity planned for tomorrow morning though, hope it 
doesn´t make us too tired for some dancing later on in the evening.

Some lovely chocolates inside a chocolate bowl, that I was given at Christmas

My "Mommy" cat inside a basket by the presents table.
Happy New Year everyone!! May you be blessed with lots of health and happiness.


  1. It looks like it's been an excellent year for you Sami, lot's of fantastic travel (so envious of the Paris part!!) congrats to your Mum on the publishing of her book. Make sure you keep up the painting, tht's one of my goals this year too to make time for more painting.. Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

  2. Well done, Sami! What a lovely year you had enjoyed! ;-) Just loved it! Great pictures!
    Happy New Year!!!

  3. Happy New Year. A recap of the last year - what a brilliant idea for a blog post plus great memories to look back on!!

  4. Grace - I really do need to set up some time to paint, it´s very relaxing too.
    Sandra - thanks for visiting. We did have a good year, hope 2012 will be at least just as good.
    Piglet - I got this brilliant idea from Sandra´s blog, lovely way to remember the good times.
    Have a great New Year!

  5. Love your highlights. Your garden is looking great! I wish our garden was that far along. Happy new year :)

  6. Thanks Mamie girl. Gardening takes up a lot of time. I used to hate it,now I find it can be relaxing.

  7. It's quite amusing- I've been blogging since September and was challenged yesterday to tell my year of travel in my next blog. So what am I doing but sitting here reading about your lovely year. Naughty!
    But I'm also following up on Alyson Weldrake's ABC award nominees, which is how I found you. Happy to have done so.

  8. Thanks for visiting Johanna, I had already visited your blog via Piglet in Portugal. I enjoy reading about expat life in Portugal and seeing the lovely photos.


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