Friday, 19 August 2011

Weekend SMILE - photos of my cats

I´m always photographing our cats - they bring a smile to my face, whenever I find them in a funny position.
I have probably taken more photos of them than of my children during their growing years.
Of course digital cameras help the process...before we had to finish the film of 24 or 36 photos, then take them to the photo shop to be developed, where we found a few of them would be useless, and there was no turning back to that moment!!
So smile, as I smile, while you look through a few of the funnier moments of my cats.
What makes you smile about your pets?

Have a great weekend!!

Twiggy, Mommy and Shelley sleeping
Mommy, Twiggy and Fluffy entangled in the wicker chair

Mommy and Fluffy watch the world go by...

It´s cold out there - Mommy and Twiggy keep warm
Twiggy on top of a ladder where I hang potplants in the garden


  1. Sami, olá!

    Ora, as fotos dos gatinhos estão fabulosas! Dá vontade de os apertar de tão fofinhos!

  2. Obrigada Shana por visitares o meu blog. Eles sao uns fofos!! Beijinhos xx

  3. They look full of mischief!

  4. Hi Piglet, a couple of them like to play hide and seek with me, running around the house. But I find that because they go outdoors they aren´t as attached to us as the cats I had in the apartment in Portugal.

  5. Some of them are in beautiful positions. I thought Twiggy his at step ladder, because she will want to help with the lemons, from lemontree.

  6. Twiggy is the only one that climbs on the stepladder, but cats usually like to be in high places. LOL


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