Friday, 26 August 2011


This year marks the 25th year Daffodil day is celebrated in Australia. It´s a national fundraising event to help cancer research, prevention and support services.
This year Daffodil Day aims to raise $9,5 million across Australia, with over ten thousand volunteers raising money through the sale of daffodil pins, pens and key rings.

At the GP clinic where I work, we also had a little box with things to sell which the Cancer Council had sent us a couple of weeks ago. One of my colleagues, Emily had the lovely idea of baking mini cupcakes with yellow icing, which we had on the counter. Patients could have one and most of them made a small donation to the Cancer Council. It´s a good initiative and easy to participate and of course we had a different day, brightening the waiting room with our yellow clothes and yellow balloons.

I wonder if this initiative is celebrated in other parts of the world?
Don´t you think it´s a lovely idea?

Emily and I wearing our yellow clothes

Emily´s mini-cupcakes
Box of pins, pens and key rings for sale


  1. I had never heard of Daffodil day but I think this is a wonderful cause. Thank you for sharing and for giving me something to learn more about!

    Came over from Rhonda's.


  2. Didn´t have it in Portugal or South Africa when I lived there before coming to Australia, so I don´t know if it´s just an Australian thing. Thanks for visiting Humble wife.

  3. We don't have this in Portugal or something similar, but it is a wonderful ideia!

  4. They have all sorts of fund raising events here, makes it easier to get donations from the public, however small.


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