Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Early morning visit to the Dentist

This morning I went to the dentist to finish the crown procedure that was started two weeks ago.
The first time the dentist had to anesthetize my mouth to prepare the tooth -  he removed some of the outer surface, made a mould of it to go the lab, chose a colour to fit with the rest of my teeth, and then fitted a temporary crown. This was all quite painless of course and I just had to refrain from eating or drinking hot things for a couple of hours until I regained feeling on my gums.
This is not me of course, just to show the rubber mat!

Today, after sitting on the chair, being fitted with the blue plastic goggles and the bib, the dentist removed the temporary crown, fitted the final one, and then it was adjusted by biting, moving the teeth back and forward, to check it is the right height, etc.
But because I had two fillings to be done as well, midway through the procedure he administered some anesthetic into my gum and then continued working on the crown fitting.

After he was satisfied that all was in top shape, he proceeded to fit the latex green mat over the area where he would be working. The dentist cuts a little hole to fit over the tooth where he will be working and it apparently is better for the patient, as it protects us from swallowing the debris of the drilled tooth, or from breathing in any chemicals used in the fillings and protects our gums and tongue from harm from the drill.

Even though it´s meant to be good for us, I really hate when the rubber mat is fitted to my mouth, I can´t stand the taste of the rubber! I can´t even chew bubble gum for over 10 minutes as I start to feel nauseous.
The rubber mat has the same effect on me, so I really have to try and float away into an island dream holiday to take my mind away from  it.
I hadn´t been to the dentist for about 2 years, and luckily now he has a big TV screen on the ceiling, so while the patients lie there, they can be entertained with the shows.
Last week I watched the Morning show, but this morning they had a boring music concert that wasn´t doing the trick for me!

So I really had to try hard to imagine my dream island and its transparent blue warm waters....while my saliva was running down to my neck...
See you next year Dr!! (I have to say to his credit that he is a very nice young dentist and I never feel pain)

My dream island holiday in Bora Bora...

What are you thoughts on this latex rubber mat? Does your dentist also use it?


  1. Hey Sami :) Sorry Ive taken so long to reply...uni and work have been a bit crazy lately. Thanks for taking a look at my blog. It's nice to see you have been keeping your blog up to date since the course too :) I did end up spreading the word to facebook. I was a bit nervous about sharing it, but everyone seemed to say positive things about it which was great. Oh and yes I hate the dentist :/ My boyfriend forced me to go a few months ago and thankfully everything was fine. No fillings for me yet phew! ;)

  2. Thanks Amanda. When I post I usually link to facebook as there´s more chance of my friends seeing it. Keep up the good work and art.

  3. I've been fortunate enough not to have a crown yet, so cannot comment on the mat; it sounds gross!
    The thing I hate about the dentists is the drilling noise...pardon the pun but it sets my teeth on edge!

  4. I've never had to have a crown (knock on wood) so I'm not familiar with the rubber- but I am very sensitive to smells and tastes, so I'm sure I would have had the same problem!

  5. Oh it´s not for the crown the rubber mat is used for, it´s because I was having a filling as well, and that´s why they protect the mouth, so we don´t get debris from the drilling. But it´s yukki the same way.


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