Monday, 15 August 2011

Carnac Island

Sunny Sunday and we are off to Fremantle to join our boat owner friends at the harbour.
Laden with picnic baskets, fishing rods and snorkeling gear (our friends are certified divers), we jump on the beautiful yacht and settle into a seat for our trip to Carnac Island.
Carnac Island is just 10km away from Fremantle, a nature reserve full of seals, sea lions and birds.

You can go ashore, which I didn´t as I don´t enjoy swimming in cold water, but hubby and our friends ventured inland and walked close to the seals.
Be careful, because they are wild animals, although they do look so cute. Some of them swam close to the boat and I wish I had a better camera to take close up photos of them.

I stayed on the yacht reading the newspaper - silly me, after 10 minutes I had a massive headache because the boat was rocking, and didn´t feel too well the rest of the day.

Everybody came back, we had our picnic and then the fishing started - but the fish caught was far too small and they threw it back in the water.
It was a fun day, the only downside being my headache, so I know not to read next time!
We are lucky to have an island so close to Perth, where you can go for free and still see beautiful wildlife.
And of course we are lucky to have friends who own a boat as well, don´t you think so?

On the way to Carnac Island

This one came close to the boat!
Hello friends!!!

Arriving at Fremantle Harbour, with restaurants and bars near harbour
Another yacht on the way back to Fremantle

Putting the boats away on their "shelves" in Fremantle Harbour


  1. Oh that sounds lovely! Terrible to say that with all my years in Perth I have never been to Carnac Island. Then again, I don't have friends with a boat - you *are* lucky!

    And thanks for taking part in Not A Ballerina's Weekend Wanderings!

  2. Thanks Amanda, I didn´t know it existed until our friends invited us to go there on their boat. So lucky me for sure!!

  3. http://celestecortez.blogspot.comTuesday, August 16, 2011

    Hello Sami,
    As usual, I enjoyed reading your descriptions.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. I love Fremantle full stop. There's a really beautiful bay on the nth-west end of Garden Island too...where those big sandy cliffs are.
    We live withing walking distance of Penguin and Seal Islands near Point DH calls it 'paradise'

  5. You certainly live in paradise Sue, lucky you. Thanks for visiting xx


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